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In anticipation of growing bandwidth availability and accelerating DSL / Cable speeds, we have chosen to build productions with higher technical demands than, say for instance, YouTube. However, this means that some occasional problems with arise for some users. Here's what we've noticed as current problems and our occasional fixes:

  • At peak usage times, some sound in some flash movies is garbled. We've partially addressed this problem by offering downloadable Windows Media Video [WMV].
    • To view the downloadable WMVs, right click on the wmv link and Save Target As.
  • All webpages and productions are built using high screen resolutions. If you run your screen at anything less than 1280 X 1024, you may have occasional viewing problems.
    • To change your screen resolution, right click on the computer desktop, select Properties in the drop down menu, and chosen the Settings tab. Move the slider to the right.
You might encounter any type of media in the Innovator archive, but in general, the following formats are preferred:
  • Webpages
  • Flash
  • Adobe PDF

  • Please report broken links, errata, and erroneous information in the productions to:

    Send up a flag if you detect a problem    
    Innovator Headline
    Website questions and corrections: mail to