4a. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Curriculum and Experiences
4b. Experiences Working with Diverse Faculty
4c. Experiences Working with Diverse Candidates
4d. Experiences Working with Diverse Students in PK-12 Schools
Conceptual Framework
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Standard 6
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Exhibits Name

Exhibit 4a1.1 Diversity Proficiencies

Exhibit 4a1.2 Unit Diversity Statement

Exhibit 4a2.1 Coursework and experiences on related to diversity

Exhibit 1a3.5 LEC Signature Assessment Data

Exhibit 4a2.2 Doctoral Dissertations

Exhibit 4b1.1 2006-2009 Demographic breakdown of institution, unit and school based faculty members

Exhibit 4b2.1 Faculty Survey on Diversity

Exhibit 4b1.2 Study Tours

Exhibit 4b1.3 Diversity Committee

Exhibit 4b4.1 Unit Diversity Statement

Exhibit 4c1.1 Working with diverse faculty and candidates

Exhibit 4c2.1 Diversity of Candidates in the Initial and advanced teacher preparation program 2006-2009

Exhibit 4c3.1 Recruitment and retention of diverse candidates

Exhibit 2a5.2 SPA Report, Result & Rejoinders

Exhibit 4d2.1 Diversity of P-12 school population

Exhibit 4d3.1 Feedback from Peers and Faculty on Interaction with Diverse Students