Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to be a music major to earn a scholarship?
    No! Music majors and non-majors are eligible for Talent Grant awards, provided that you perform an entrance audition. If you have any questions about audition materials, contact Dr. Boldin. For more information on general financial aid, scholarships, and out-of-state waivers, visit the ULM Scholarship Office.
  • When can I audition?
    Audition dates are held throughout the year. To schedule an in-person or online audition, contact Dr. Boldin.
  • What performance opportunities are available?
    The ULM Music Program includes several large and small instrumental ensembles, including Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, the Sound of Today Marching Band, Brass Choir, Brass Quintets, Horn Ensemble, and others.
  • What will I study as a music major?
    In addition to the ULM Core Curriculum, all music majors take courses in musicianship, including music theory, aural skills, piano, conducting, and music history. As a horn student, you will have a one-hour private lesson each week with Dr. Boldin, as well as numerous large and small ensemble rehearsals/coachings. It is a busy, but manageable and fun schedule! Horn Studio Class meets one hour a week, and provides an opportunity to play horn ensemble music, work with guest artists, and cover other topics of interest.
  • What are ULM horn graduates doing?                                                                                              Recent graduates from the ULM Horn Studio are working as professional musicians, music educators, arts administrators, and freelance performers throughout the region.
  • Guest artists?                                                                                                                                The Horn Studio has been fortunate to host numerous guest artists, including: J.D. Shaw (Boston Brass, University of South Carolina), Jeff Scott (Imani Winds, Oberlin Conservatory), Brent Shires (University of Central Arkansas, Arkansas Symphony), Gina Gillie (Pacific Lutheran University), Nicholas Kenney (Southeast Missouri State University), Katherine McBain (Lamar University, University of Texas at Tyler), Heather Thayer (Henderson State University), Allumer Horn Quartet, Matthew Haislip (Mississippi State University, Quintasonic Brass), Stacie Mickens (University of North Texas), Centria Brown (Louisiana Tech University), Jena Gardner, (Cobalt Quartet, Western Illinois University), Katie Johnson-Webb (Cobalt Quartet, University of Tennessee), Eldon Matlick (University of Oklahoma), Quintasonic Brass Quintet, Caroline Steiger (Cobalt Quartet, Texas State University), Timothy Thompson (University of Arkansas), Three Button Brass Trio, Rose Valby (United States Air Force Band of the West, Cobalt Quartet), Andrew Pelletier (Bowling Green State University)

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