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A "PHENOCAM" (camera designated to monitor phenology) has been deployed on the ULM Carbon Tower in the Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area. It looks over bottomland hardwood forest canopy from 34m (~110 feet high) surrounding the tower. Below is a link taking you to the latest photograph of the PHENOCAM.

PHENOCAM Latest Photo


Nov, 2016
Dr. Bhattacharjee will travel to India as an invited speaker on the use of UAV's in conservation

Sept, 2016
Plant Ecology Lab member, Melissa Bloch wins best poster award at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

Tanner Hart, graduate student presents his research at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists in Baton Rouge

Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded a travel Grant to attend the AMERIFLUX PI meeting in Golden, Colorado

August 2016
ULM Biology undergrad Nicholas ("Nick") Carlson joins the Plant Ecology Lab
June, 2016
ULM Biology undergrad, Melissa Bloch travels to India on a 1-month research project, working in the Himalayas. She was offered an internship by ATREE