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(Weekly Readings in Ecology and Conservation)

WREC is an informal platform where students get together to discuss current research trends in ecology and conservation biology. We usually pick a published, peer-reviewed article in the field of ecology or conservation to read and discuss. The .pdf file of the "paper of the week" will be sent to all those on our mailing list. We meet on Fridays (usually around 3:00 p.m.) here in the lab 106A Garrett Hall. If you would like to join the WRECing crew, send me an email and I will add you to our list. If you would like to suggest a great paper for discussion, please contact me.

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Nov, 2016
Dr. Bhattacharjee was invited to speak at the Balipara Foundation Awards, 4th Season - 9th November 2016, in India on the use of UAV's in conservation

Sept, 2016
Plant Ecology Lab member, Melissa Bloch wins best poster award at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

Tanner Hart, graduate student presents his research at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists in Baton Rouge

Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded a travel Grant to attend the AMERIFLUX PI meeting in Golden, Colorado

August 2016
ULM Biology undergrad Nicholas ("Nick") Carlson joins the Plant Ecology Lab
June, 2016
ULM Biology undergrad, Melissa Bloch travels to India on a 1-month research project, working in the Himalayas. She was offered an internship by ATREE