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Photographic Tour


Entering the Trail

This photographic tour of the walking trails starts on the west side at the Activity Center.

Photo: Trail start

The entrance to the walking trail is located behind the Activity Center.



Photo: Trail & west observation platform

The trail winds its way east and north, passing behind the Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Photo: West observation platform

The west observation platform stands within the bounds of the former gravel pit.



Photo: West panorama

The west observation platform offers an shaded view of the beaver pond. The central observation platform is visible directly across the pond.

Click here to see the full-size (389KB) image.


Photo: Trail climb

The walking trail near the entry point dips and rises as it runs up and down the rim of the former gravel pit.



Photo: Trail emerge

The walking trail emerges on the north side from the woods to the cleared area beside Constitution Dr.


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