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Brass Quintet

Copyright Information

Because all of the works included in this collection are protected by copyright law, obtaining adequate permission from publishers to reproduce these excerpts became another important consideration.  Every attempt was made to contact the publishers of these works to obtain permission to reprint short excerpts for inclusion in this site.  The presentation of short sections of only the horn parts to these compositions prevents this project from being used as a substitute for actual performing parts, and will hopefully provide greater exposure for these compositions.  In all cases, both publisher and copyright information are included at the end of each group of excerpts from a specific composition.  It is my sincere wish that the presentation of these excerpts will encourage brass musicians to seek out the complete parts and purchase them for study and performance.     

See the links below for sample corrrespondences with publishers, followed by a complete listing of publishers whose works are included in this site.



Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales                 

Associated Music Publishers, Inc. (BMI)         

Avant Music                                                    

Berandol Music Limited                                   

Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.                                  

Brass Ring Editions                                                                  

C.F. Peters Corporation                                  

Chester Music Limited                         

Donemus, Amsterdam                                     

ECS Publishing                                                            

Editions Bim/The Brass Press                           

Editions Marc Reift                                          

Elkan-Vogel, Inc.                                                                                

Ensemble Publications                          

European American Music, LLC                      

            G. Schirmer, Inc. (ASCAP)                             

General Music Publishing Co., Inc                    

Highgate Press                                                             

J. Maurer        

Jalni Publications, Inc.                                                  

            John Cheetham and BoonesLick Press

            Kongcha Music Co.                

            Manduca Music Publications    

MCA Music

Medici Music Press

Mentor Music, Inc

            Mercury Music Corp.  

            Novello and Company Limited

Really Good Music, LLC

            Robert King Music Co.

Paterson’s Publications

            Southern Music Company

Warner Bros. Publications U.S., Inc.