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How to Prevent Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution

Best Management Practices

A best management practice (BMP) is any practice or routine procedure designed to either reduce pollutants that can be picked up by run-off or reduce the amount of pollutants in the run-off before it gets to a body of water. BMP's are designed to reduce pollutants such as sediments, nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, or any form of stormwater pollutant in run-off. BMP demonstration projects will be targeted by the Urban NPS Program for implementation in urban areas of the state.

Examples include pollution source controls (proper fertilizer application techniques), solid waste collection (proper storage containers) and disposal (proper leaf and household hazardous waste disposal), run-off collection and distribution (detention ponds and landscaping), and discharge treatment (constructed wetlands).

Other types of source control activities involve local government initiatives such as creation and enforcement of litter laws, penalties for used motor oil dumping, zoning laws and enforcement for landuse, and requirements for proper source controls to be included in construction of new development (landscaping parking lots, grass buffer strips, and detention ponds).

Also, LDEQ will be working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the regulation of stormwater control and management.


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