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Grants (funded/submitted/pending):

2014-2017. Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative: A collaborative approach among University of Louisiana, Monroe, Sikkim University (India) and Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (India) in carrying out ecological assessment of selected biodiversity hotspots of northeastern Himalayas. Role: PI. [$250,000, will submit on 11th Nov. 2013]

2014-2015. Carbon Sequestration Potential of High Altitude Wetlands in the Himalayas. Role: PI. Louisiana Board of Regents [$9996, will submit on 24th Sept. 2013]

2014-2015. Monitoring CH4 in a bottomland hardwood forest in Louisiana. Role: PI. Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI), NSF. Louisiana Board of Regents [$60,000, will submit on 24th Jan. 2014]

2013-2014. Out Standing in a TEAM: Interdisciplinary teaming in support of field-based STEM education. Role: CO-PI, Dr. Lynn Clark (PI) Dr. Anne Case-Hanks (CO-PI) and Dr. Ava Pugh (CO-PI). Louisiana Board of Regents [$131,943] - Funded

2013. Effect of Canopy-mediated Micro-climatic Variations on Plant Growth: The Nurse-Plant Hypothesis. Role: Mentor, Student – Jenae' Clay. [$1000] – Funded

2012-2014. A Comparative Evaluation of Wildlife Habitat in Restored Bottomland Hardwoods and Areas Undergoing Natural Succession in the Ouachita Wildlife Management Area". Sponsored by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, [$46,318] Role: PI – Funded

2013-2014. My Eye-Pad: Developing a digital field journal for students. Discovery Research K-12 (NSF) Project, University of Louisiana at Monroe. [$448,873] Role: CO-PI, Dr. Lynn Clark (PI)- Not-Funded

2012 – 2013. Carbon dioxide flux station: A tool to measure regional climate trends. Role: PI, with Dr. Ann Case-Hanks (CO-PI) [$86,661] – Funded

2012-2013. "Out Standing in the Field: Phase II". Role: CO-PI, Dr. Lynn Clark (PI) Dr. Anne Case-Hanks (CO-PI) and Dr. Ava Pugh (CO-PI). Sponsored by Louisiana Board of Regents: LaSIP, External to The University of Louisiana at Monroe, [$126,980] – Funded

2011 - 2012. Nurse-Plants: Modeling light and soil moisture gradients. Deans’ Research and Creative Project Fund, University of Louisiana Monroe. [$775] – Funded

2010 – 2011. Out standing in the field: Real World Science Experiences for Middle School. Louisiana Systemic Initiatives Program (LaSIP). Role: CO-PI, Dr. Lynn Clark (PI) and Dr. Ava Pugh (CO-PI) [$130,994] – Funded

2009-2010. Cyber-Flora Louisiana Outreach (BOR), Louisiana Board of Regents Enhancement Program. Role: Co-PI, with Dr. Tom Sasek (PI) and Mr. Denis Bell (Co-PI). [$56,150]- Funded

2003-2004. Matching funding for 3 yr., Restoration of Native Riparian Flora. Funded by Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initiative Group (with Dr. L. M. Smith and John Taylor). [$24,000] – Funded

1999-2001. IBA (Important Bird Area) Survey of some non-protected sites of Darjeeling Hills. Funded by Bombay Natural History Society and Indian Bird Conservation Network (with Dr. Sarala Khaling). [$1,000] – Funded



Nov, 2016
Dr. Bhattacharjee will travel to India as an invited speaker on the use of UAV's in conservation

Sept, 2016
Plant Ecology Lab member, Melissa Bloch wins best poster award at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

Tanner Hart, graduate student presents his research at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists in Baton Rouge

Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded a travel Grant to attend the AMERIFLUX PI meeting in Golden, Colorado

August 2016
ULM Biology undergrad Nicholas ("Nick") Carlson joins the Plant Ecology Lab
June, 2016
ULM Biology undergrad, Melissa Bloch travels to India on a 1-month research project, working in the Himalayas. She was offered an internship by ATREE