dr. joydeep


Research Interests


Past Appointments


Post-doctoral Research Associate (September 2005 – June 2006)

(with Dr. David Haukos* and Dr. Loren M. Smith**)
Department of Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management,
(now known as The Department of Natural Resources Management)
Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas

*Evaluated vegetation response to disturbance (influence of muskrat graze-out) in an intermediate marsh in the Texas Gulf Coast

**Examined the extent and importance of playa wetlands in recharge of the Ogallala aquifer in the Southern Great Plains of Texas. This project developed models to quantify the recharge of the aquifer through playas lakes. I was involved in developing computer programs and setting up data loggers to measure meteorological and other landscape level measurements in the playa wetlands.

Graduate Research Assistant (November 2001 – August 2005)

Department of Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management
Texas Tech University
Major Professor: Dr. Loren M. Smith

Conducted research on ways of restoring native riparian vegetation in the Middle Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico. My research focused on the effect of controlled water drawdown on the recruitment of native cottonwoods in the Rio Grande floodplain. In addition, I have also evaluated intraspecific (among native cottonwood seedlings) and interspecific competition (between seedlings of cottonwood and exotic saltcedar) under natural field conditions.

Research Associate (May 1999 – October 2001)
Centre for Studies in Rural Economy Appropriate Technology and Environment (CREATE),
St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling, India.
Collaborative Research Centre of International Forestry Resources and Institutions (IFRI),
Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Director: Dr. Milindo Chakrabarti

May 1999 – October 2001
I carried out field surveys (using the International Forestry Resources and Institutions protocol) at 12 sites in North Bengal, India, to study causes underlying extensive deforestation in the northeastern Himalayas. This research involved socio-economic profiling of the forest fringe dwellers and its impact on forest use and biodiversity. As a part of a research team, I was also involved as a field botanist collecting benchmark data on floristic diversity of the remote regions in the northeastern Himalayas.

October 2000 – January 2001
Conducted status surveys of the Manipur Bush Quail (Perdicula manipurensis), in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, India. The species is listed as an endangered species (IUCN) and was last reported to be seen in the area as early as 1930. The project involved surveying of potential habitat in the area and communicating with tribesmen regarding sightings of the bird. This survey was conducted under the “Important Bird Areas” (IBA project), a global Bird Conservation program of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), UK and Birdlife International, UK.

June – July 1999
Conducted field surveys in Bhagawati Palanchok area in central Nepal on the role of local institutions in the harvest and management of forest resources, as part of IFRI training. Represented CREATE, Darjeeling, India in a research team including members from University of Washington, Yale University and Katmandu University.

Master's Thesis (1998 – 1999)
Department of Botany
Cytology-Genetics Laboratory
North Bengal University
Darjeeling, India.
Major Advisor: Dr. Kalyan B. Datta DSc. (Retired)

Worked on analysing effects of various organic additives on the growth and regeneration of protocorm like bodies (PLBs) in Vanda cristata (Orchidaceae), an endangered orchid species of the northeastern Himalayas, using tissue culture techniques. I standardized the nutrient medium shortening the germination time to less than a 2 weeks, which can take as long as a year under natural conditions.



Nov, 2016
Dr. Bhattacharjee will travel to India as an invited speaker on the use of UAV's in conservation

Sept, 2016
Plant Ecology Lab member, Melissa Bloch wins best poster award at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

Tanner Hart, graduate student presents his research at Louisiana Association of Professional Biologists in Baton Rouge

Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded a travel Grant to attend the AMERIFLUX PI meeting in Golden, Colorado

August 2016
ULM Biology undergrad Nicholas ("Nick") Carlson joins the Plant Ecology Lab
June, 2016
ULM Biology undergrad, Melissa Bloch travels to India on a 1-month research project, working in the Himalayas. She was offered an internship by ATREE