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August 2023: This information is verified annually and updated as determinations are made. Students with specific questions should contact the applicable academic program.

The University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) ensures that its educational programs meet professional licensure or certification requirements mandated by the State of Louisiana. However, professional licensure and certification requirements vary from state-to-state, so ULM makes every effort to determine whether ULM’s educational programs meet licensure/certification requirements of other states.

Requirements in other states could include, among others, professional and criminal background checks, discipline-specific examinations, fingerprinting, years and types of professional experiences, etc. Students who plan to work outside of Louisiana should investigate the professional licensure and certification requirements for the state in which they hope to work by contacting the appropriate licensure board to obtain additional information before beginning the professional program at ULM.

This page is dynamic and intended to serve as an initial resource for students interested in one of the professional programs at ULM that require licensure or certification for employment. Students should access the program’s website for information about requirements.

Students should be aware that state licensure requirements are subject to change. Licensure information on this site is reviewed and updated annually in June. Students should note, however, that changes in laws and other requirements may impact the alignment between curricula and licensure requirements. Students should confirm licensure requirements with the appropriate board.

Students who decide to transfer from ULM to the same program at another university or relocate to a different state need to remember that licensure and certification requirements vary by state and could affect eligibility to pursue the same degree, degree progression, and/or financial aid. Prior to transferring, students are encouraged to contact their advisors in both the current and prospective programs to determine how the transfer will impact their degree completion and eligibility for licensure or certification.

ULM wishes all students the best on their academic journey.


Please select the state, level, and program you are interested in to see the disclosure. If you have any questions or if you would like assistance in determining if your selected program is authorized in a particular state, please email the contact person listed for your program.