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Faculty Senate

Purpose of the Faculty Senate

(adopted 5/1/04)

"The faculty has primary responsibility for such fundamental areas as curriculum, subject matter, and methods of instruction; research; faculty status and working conditions; and those aspects of student life that relate to the educational process." (AAUP, 1966 Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities.)

The University of Louisiana at Monroe Faculty Senate shall serve as the agency for faculty participation in the government of the university. Accordingly, the Faculty Senate represents and supports the entire faculty. The Faculty Senate shall advise the administration regarding the selection of academic officers, the policies and procedures governing salary determination, and other matters concerning the general welfare of the university, either on its own initiative or upon referral of proposals from others.

Senators are elected by the faculty to represent their colleges and the faculty as a whole, in conformance with the Faculty Senate Constitution and By-Laws.

Faculty Senate President’s Message

Dear Friends,

Our ULM Faculty Senate represents the faculty’s interests here at ULM.  Article II of the ULM Faculty Senate By-Laws are explicit:

The Faculty Senate is:

  1. To provide a framework for cooperation between the faculty, administration, and students in order to accomplish the goals of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

  2. To afford each faculty member an opportunity to offer suggestions concerning the development and operation of the university and the improvement of the general welfare of the faculty.

  3. To provide a means whereby the administration can refer academic, operational, or common interest matters to a body representing the entire faculty.

  4. To provide a means whereby representatives of the faculty can offer recommendations to the administration pertaining to the academic and operational improvement of the University and matters concerning the improvement of the general welfare of the faculty.

Article II speaks of “a framework for cooperation”, “an opportunity to offer suggestions”, “a body representing the entire faculty”, “improvement of the university”, and “the improvement of the general welfare.” Phrases that express the practical and forward-looking activities of shared governance in the University.  

Faculty involvement is required for all of this to work and be effective. Article II does nothing without our involvement, and so your input is welcome, and needed!

Recent changes in the state of Louisiana education and state budget cuts to education will drive significant changes in the coming year. Some difficult and unpleasant decisions will be required to restructure our ULM organization to increase efficiency and lower overheard. We may face program elimination … what we certainly do not want. Still, it is my viewpoint that these hardships will end, and we need to make plans for that day.

The ULM Faculty Senate believes that open communication with the ULM Faculty is a fundamental task for fulfillment of our purpose. You are invited to attend our regular scheduled Faculty Senate meetings and encouraged to periodically visit the Faculty Senate website. Emails to the ULM Faculty will be sent to keep you abreast of news, events, and plans that impact the university faculty.

If you have any questions or concerns that you believe the faculty senate should address, please feel free to contact me or your Senate representative.