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Nomination and Election Information

Whom may I contact for assistance?

You may email Faculty Senate President Chris Gissendanner at gissendanner@ulm.edu


Why would someone want to be Faculty Senate Member?

Working with the ULM Faculty Senate is a proactive way to help make higher education better at ULM and the state of Louisiana. Even if you do not succeed, simply running for Faculty Senate is always a step in the right direction.


Who is eligible to be a Faculty Senate Member?

Full-time (75% and above) faculty with the rank of instructor or above, excluding administrative officers and budget unit heads at the University are "General Faculty." Membership in the Faculty Senate is restricted to General Faculty.

Open seats may be appointed by the Senate if a nominee for an open seat is not named or in the case of senator resignation or removal.


Who is eligible to vote in Faculty Senate elections?

All members of the General Faculty are eligible voters. Again, "General Faculty" are: Full-time (75% and above) faculty with the rank of instructor or above, excluding administrative officers and budget unit heads at the University.

In cases where faculty members have no direct affiliation with an academic school, voting shall take place in the school which offers the courses taught by the respective faculty members.

Faculty Senate By-Laws were changed this year so that faculty representation is school-based instead of college-based.

If you're not sure if you qualify or otherwise need help, email Faculty Senate President Chris Gissendaner at gissendanner@ulm.edu


What is required of a Faculty Senate Member?

If elected, members serve two (2) year terms of office, to begin on July 1st of the year elected. The Senate typically meets once a month on Thursday afternoons (usually the third or fourth Thursday of the month) at 12:30pm, and if a member is absent without proper excuse from two or more regular meetings in any one semester, that member may be ejected and replaced. Members thus need to work with their school directors/department heads to avoid class conflicts before students register for classes, as well as other scheduling incompatibilities. Members should also report important news to their colleagues.


How may someone become a Faculty Senate officer?

You must already be on the Faculty Senate. Then officers are elected at the first regular Faculty Senate meeting of the academic year.


How long will nominations be accepted?

The deadline for nominations is TBD.


How many seats are open for the next term?

The number of seats for the next term are TBD.



When and where will the election be held?



What were the 2016 election results?

What were the 2015 election results?

What were the 2014 election results?