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Atmospheric Science


The Atmospheric Sciences program was established at ULM during the 1979-1980 academic year.

Some of our graduates are listed below:

Don Conlee, Ph.D., Class of 1983
Instructional Associate Professor 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences 
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 

Derek Deroche, Class of 2003
General Forecaster 
NWS (Kansas City/Pleasant Hill)
Pleasant Hill, MO 

Patrick Pyle, Class of 2003
Manager of Meteorology 
Pattern Energy Group, LP 
Houston, TX 

Lee Robertson, Class of 2003

NWS (Philadelphia/Mount Holly)
Mount Holly, NJ 

Sarah Allen Rogowsk, Class of 2004
NWS Center Weather Service Unit 
Salt Lake City, UT 

Scott Blair, Class of 2005

Journeyman Forecaster 
NWS (Topeka)
Topeka, KS

Michael Efferson, Class of 2005
NWS (New Orleans/Baton Rouge) 
Slidell, LA

Aaron Botnick, Class of 2006
Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. 
Norman, OK

Jarod Floyd, Class of 2006
Chief Meteorologist
Monroe, LA

Stephanie Mullins, Class of 2008
Research Assistant (PhD Candidate)
University of Alabama Huntsville
Huntsville, AL

Donald Jones, Class of 2009
Meteorologist Intern
NWS (Lake Charles)
Lake Charles, LA

Crystal Woodard, Class of 2009
Graduate Assistant (MS Candidate)
University of Alabama Huntsville
Huntsville, AL