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Instructions for Ordering Letterhead and Envelopes:

ULM now has a vendor for letterhead and envelopes.

To order letterhead and envelopes, please download both instructional files below. Make sure to review both files before placing an order at:


Orders for items use a third-party vendor and require an account to log in.

This is not your ULM username & password.
It is recommended that you do not use your ULM password with non-university systems.

Account Setup Instructions PDF| Ordering Instructions PDF

The department ordering is responsible for completing a check request to pay for the items that were purchased. Please send a copy of the invoice with appropriate signatures to purchasing for processing. 

• On the check request the department can reference Purchase Order Number P0024084. 

• The ULM Banner Vendor Number for AmeriPrint is 30141212.

• Also, please ensure that AmeriPrint statements are processed in a timely manner. 

Order Letterhead and Envelopes

Please ensure that AmeriPrint statements are processed in a timely manner. We had several instances in which business cards were not paid for before the fiscal year closed. 

Additional Info:


Athletic Director's Office: all Athletic BC/Env/LH
Alumni Center: all Alumni BC/Env/LH
University Advancement Building: all ULM Foundation, ULM Athletic Foundation, and Development BC/Env/LH
Pharmacy Bienville Building, Dean of School of Pharmacy Office: all Pharmacy BC/Env/LH
Campus Mail & Copy Center: all other BC/Env/LH deliveries (Campus Mail personnel will distribute from there)


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Questions or Ordering Issues:


Contact OMC at omc@ulm.edu