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The ULM Agribusiness Program strongly encourages students to participate in internships as they are completing their education. Internships provide students the opportunity to explore different career options while they are still in school. Additionally, they provide students with valuable experience that will make them more marketable to employers. In past year, approximately 40% of the students in the Agribusiness program have participated in an internship. It is very common for students to receive job offers from the firms they intern with.

Additionally, through the Agribusiness Program’s location in the College of Business, students are able to earn college credit hours while they are participating in an internship experience. This is a great advantage for students as it allows them to gain valuable work experience and complete the requirements for their degree at the same time.

Some of the companies our students have interned with include:

• Syngenta

• Winnfield Solutions

• Helena Chemical

• Delta Bank

• Weevil Crop Consulting Inc.

• Black Gold Farms

• Goldmine Plantation

• The LSU Ag Center

• Knight Consulting Services

• The Richland Parish Tax Assessor’s Office

Additionally, many of our students play instrumental roles in their family farms. Furthermore, many of our students begin to operate their own farming enterprises while they are pursuing their education.