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Writing and Research Competitions at ULM

Winners of the ULM Research Symposium Essays

Every spring, ULM sponsors a Research Symposium in which students showcase their work for the year. Papers read from a variety of disciplines compete for recognition and the best are chosen from among them by a team of faculty judges.


 L-R: Cameron Irby, Rebekah Barnes, Anson Andrews, David Brasher, Rachael Maddox


Spring 2016


1st:    David Brasher, “‘A Theatre of Manliness’: How Ronny Heaslop’s Masculinity in E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India Serves British Colonialism.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jana Giles (English; Undergraduate)
2nd: Cameron Irby, “Teaching Electronic Literature: An Argument for a New Literary Medium.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julia Guernsey-Pitchford (English; Undergraduate)
3rd:  Rachael Maddox, “Netflix Narrative: The Development of Serial Storytelling.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Janet Haedicke (English; Undergraduate)
1st: Rebekah Barnes, “Stephen’s Artistic Identity: Paternity in Joyce’s Portrait and Ulysses.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jana Giles (English; Graduate)
2nd:   Anson Andrews, “Eagles and Authority: Chaucer’s Subversion of Classical Authority and Creation of English Authority.” Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Will Rogers (English; Graduate)


Spring 2015

Undergraduate: Oral Presentation

First place: Rachael Maddox of Start presented “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Unraveling the Roles of Shakespeare’s Forests.” Maddox’s mentor is Dr. Julia Guernsey-Pitchford.

Graduate: Oral Presentation

First place: Catherine Olson of Oil City presented “Roman de la Rose: A ‘False Seeming’ Multiplicity.” Olson’s faculty mentors are Dr. Jana Giles and Dr. Rebecca Stephenson.



Spring 2014

Adam BreitenbachGraduate winners

 First place: Adam Breitenbach
 “E.M. Forster’s Strategic          Indeterminacy in A Passage to India”
 Faculty mentor:  Dr. Jana Giles


First place: Jillian Allbritton 
“Stinking Lizaveta: the Humble Saint of The Brothers Karamazov”
Faculty mentor:  Dr. Jana Giles


Spring 2013

Graduate winners

First place: Adam Breitenbach
Department of English
"The Monkey Wrench Gang and Environmental Radicalism"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jana Giles

Second place: Justina Salassi
Department of English
"Hipster Kitsch: Toward and Appreciation of the Other"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Adams

Third place: Katherine Roy
Department of English
"The High Price of Dreaming: The Performance of Masculinity in August Wilson's Fences and Suzan-Lori Parks' Topdog/Underdog"
Faculty Mentor, Dr. Janet Haedicke

First place: Melinda Johnson
Department of Foreign Languages
"English in Korean Popular Culture"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Stephenson

Second place: Danielle Jones
"The Influence of Catalunya on the Life and Works of Antoni Gaudi"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ruth Smith
Justina Salassi
Adam Breitenbach
  Adam Breitenbach                            Justina Salassi

Spring 2012

Graduate winners

First place: Andrew Price
Department of English
“Literary Hoaxes”
Faculty mentor Dr. Mary Adams.

Second place: Hannah Clifton
Department of English
“King Arthur in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
Faculty mentor Dr. Rebecca Stephenson.


First place: Shanae Thomas
Department of English
“Amy as a Decider in the novel Roxana”
Faculty mentor Dr. David Nunnery.



Spring 2010

First place: Stephanie Pierce, “Mad and Melodious: An Analysis of Ophelia’s Songs in Hamlet.” Faculty mentor Dr. LaRue Sloan.

Second place: Maure Kyser, “The Construct of the Ideal Woman in The Rape of Lucrece.” Faculty mentor Dr. LaRue Sloan.

Third place. Kristi Thomson, “Turning Tragedy into Triumph in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” Faculty mentor Dr. Julie Guernsey-Pitchford.



Spring 2009

First place Winners
Brittany Layne Stringer
Department of Communications
“Communicating Health: Childhood Obesity and Elementary Health Education”
Mentor, Dr. Mara Loeb
Vanelis Rivera
Department of English
"Lacing Up Sexuality and Unlacing Independence: Moll’s Wearing of a Codpiece and Breeches in The Roaring Girl”
Mentor, Dr. LaRue Sloan.
Vanelis Rivera receives First Place Reseach Award from President Cofer
President Cofer awards Vanelis Rivera 1st place
for her research paper on Moll Frith.

Second place: Lauren Fix
Department of English. 
“Until Death Do Us Part: A Study of Marriage in The Tragedy of Othello.” 
Mentor, Dr. LaRue Sloan.

Third place: Tara Kester
Department of History. 
“The Aftermath of the 1967 Newark Riots: Not a Legacy, Just a Continuation.” 
Mentors, Dr. Monica Bontty and Dr. Jeffrey Anderson.