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Economic Impact Study


Education is economic development. Encouraging young scholars to flourish, thereby benefiting the global society, embodies the true spirit of this incredible institution.

The Economic Impact Report highlights just a few of ULM’s significant contributions to greater Louisiana, the surrounding region, and the country. You will discover the breadth of our reach in the professional services provided by our faculty, staff and students, the innovative research conducted by our faculty, and the volunteer hours regularly contributed by our university family.

Much of what we contribute to the state and region is unique to our institution. For example, our nationally renowned School of Education's Louisiana Leader Fellows Program, hailed by the Governor as the premier program in the state, empowers talented teachers to become principals in their schools.

In addition, ULM’s School of Pharmacy, Louisiana’s only state-supported program, continues to produce the best professionals in the field, and our nursing students continue to score significantly higher than the national average on exit exams.

These programs and many others exemplify an impressive and growing tradition of excellence. We are also constantly evolving and expanding our idea of the university. For example, we are strengthening our state by providing courses to the 600,000 Louisiana adult learners who have earned college credits but have not completed their degrees.

ULM’s online degree program — eULM — strives to educate today’s “anytime, anywhere” student. Our new online health studies degree prepares professionals for mid-level management positions in a variety of health care organizations and increases the capabilities of our state’s workforce. That kind of educational outreach is the cornerstone of economic development. By making higher education available to all Louisianians, we are ensuring a brighter economic future and quality of life for our entire state and region.

Another part of our story, our commitment to northeastern Louisiana, is exemplified in the revitalization of our university — both within and beyond our classrooms. By 2010, we will have spent more than $80 million in classroom upgrades and campus improvement projects in an effort which was launched in 2002. That is a direct and concerted investment in our students and in northeastern Louisiana. In addition, our professors continue to expand their methodologies, and many now incorporate emerging technologies into their curriculums.

Finally, ULM contributes to something quite incredible: the vitality of our state and region. Investing in higher education is crucial to our economic future because it means we envision a potential for growth and new possibilities for Louisiana.