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Did You Know??? You Don't Need to Report Items in Your Junk Folder!


If you see an item in your Junk folder that appears to be spam or phishing, this is actually a good thing.  Since the item is in the Junk folder, this means that Microsoft ATP for Office 365 has done its job.  ATP is designed to “quarantine” suspicious emails in your Junk folder so that they will do no harm. 

Sometimes ATP may be overzealous and put a legitimate email in your Junk folder.  If that’s the case, you can move any legitimate emails to your Inbox by right-clicking on the unopened email and selecting Move and then Inbox.  However, if you want to let ATP know that future emails from specific users are not junk, open the email in your Junk folder, then click the “It’s not junk” link at the top of the email, and click OK.


In general, you should not remove items from your Junk folder; you can just delete them.  You do NOT need to report items in your Junk folder to ULM Spam (  If you and ATP consider them junk, that’s good enough for us!


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