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Undergraduate Music Education

Degree Plan


Freshmen 1

Freshmen 2

English Composition I

English Composition II

Core Math: Applied College Algebra or College Algebra

Core Math


University Seminar 1001

Biology 1001

Music Theory I

Music Theory II

Aural Skills I

Aural Skills II

Piano Class I

Piano Class II

Applied Lesson

Applied Lesson



Freshmen Experience

Recital Hour

Recital Hour




Sophomore 1

Sophomore 2

Introduction to Psychology

Child Psychology or Adolescent Psychology

Core Natural/Physical Science

Music Theory IV

Literature and Appreciation of Music

Aural Skills IV

Music Theory III

Piano Class IV

Aural Skills III

Applied Lesson

Piano Class III

Introduction to Music Teaching

Applied Lesson

Multicultural Music Education

String Techniques



Recital Hour

Recital Hour



**Additional Courses for Instrumentalist: Percussion Techniques


**Additional Course for Vocalists: Survey of Vocal Diction & Vocal Pedagogy


Junior 1: Professional Semester 1

Junior 2: Professional Semester 2

Educational Psychology

Teaching Reading

Applied Lesson

Applied Lesson

Historical Survey I

Historical Survey II

Elementary Music Methods

Music for Special Learners

Directed Field Experience I

Directed Field Experience II



Recital Hour

Recital Hour

**Additional Courses for Instrumentalists: Jazz Techniques, Elementary Conducting, Brass                                                                                          Techniques, Woodwind Techniques, &                                                                                                                  Advanced Instrumental Conducting


**Additional Courses for Vocalists: Choral Conducting/Literature I & Choral                                                                                                    Conducting/Literature II


Summer 1

Summer 2

Core Natural/Physical Science

Core Humanities

Core Humanities



**Additional Courses for Instrumentalists: Choral Techniques for Non-Vocalists & Wind                                                                                             Ensemble


**Additional Courses for Vocalists: Introduction to Winds and Percussion & Concert Choir


Senior 1: Residency 1

Senior 2: Residency 2

Core Humanities: Literature

Music Residency II

Classroom Management


Music Educational Residency I


Senior Project/Recital




Recital Hour



**Additional Course for Instrumentalists: Instrumental Methods


**Additional Course for Vocalists: Choral Methods


Download the Instrumental Education Degree Plan


Download the Vocal Education Degree Plan