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Quality Enhancement Plan

Actions to be Implemented


The QEP seeks to implement an innovative strategy focused on improving student learning through increased exposure to content-specific knowledge, development of critical thinking skills and use of high impact active learning strategies. Implementation of the QEP will be carried out with the involvement of constituencies including students, faculty, and staff. These constituencies will be involved with the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, informed with yearly progress reports, and engaged in the improvements and modifications to the plan. 

FOCUS sessions will be integrated into all sections of these courses and will be designed by a recently hired biology faculty member who also serves as the QEP Coordinator. Although BIOL 1014 and 1020 will remain 3 credit hour courses, the FOCUS session will be taught as a fourth class hour during the week to enhance content understanding and application through active learning strategies used to develop students’ critical thinking skills and discipline-specific knowledge. FOCUS sessions will enhance the environment of student learning to promote the mission and vision of the university.

The FOCUS sessions aim to make the student an active learner, to enhance critical thinking, and to impart metacognitive skills. It is intended that the didactic lectures for each course will remain the same with the content delivery at the sole discretion of the instructor. The weekly one-hour long FOCUS sessions will be directed and taught by the QEP coordinator in a student-centered environment in which critical and analytical thinking will be addressed by integrating broader biological themes within each session. Cooperative problem solving, case studies, discussions, and tutorials that link concepts will be used. 


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