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ULM’s Student Support Services (SSS) is a comprehensive, federally funded TRIO program that offers assistance to a small, select number of undergraduate students at ULM. SSS provides assistance at every stage of undergraduate education, whether you are deciding what to take in your first semester or wondering how to prepare for that first job interview. We provide intensive academic, personal, and career counseling to help you reach your goals at ULM. We will do all that we can to assist our students in achieving success at ULM. Our program strives to retain and matriculate students toward the successful completion of their baccalaureate degree by creating a model environment for student growth, retention, and diversity. Students who make a commitment to participate fully in their educational process will find great benefits in SSS.

Services We Offer

Student Support Services offers various services to ensure that students on the ULM campus are successful in their academic career. Some of these services include: 

 *All services are provided free of charge*