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Emergency Building Evacuation Procedures


In the event of a fire or other emergency please remember the following steps to safely evacuate the building:

  1. Pull the fire alarm if it has not already sounded, so that everyone will be alerted of the need to evacuate the building.  If the fire alarm has sounded, begin evacuation of the building.

  2. All building occupants should exit the building at the nearest exit to the room that they are in.  If the nearest exit is blocked due to fire or an emergency, the next safest exit should be used.

  3. The last occupant of each room should shut the door to the room.  This will help prevent fire and smoke damage to the room.

  4. Once you have evacuated the building please go to the designated assembly area for your building, if it is safe to do so.  Buildings may have more than one designated assembly area.

  5. Department heads, directors, and supervisors must account for all of their employees after the evacuation.  If a person is thought to be missing, tell emergency personnel (fire, police, safety, etc.) as soon as possible.  Tell the emergency personnel the name of the missing person and the probable location in the building.  Try to confirm that the person is actually missing.  Make sure that they did not come out of a different exit.  If possible make sure that their car is still in the parking lot.  If the person is located tell emergency personnel immediately so that they do not risk their lives looking for this person.

  6. No one is allowed to re-enter the building until the fire department, police, safety, or other qualified personnel confirm that the building is safe to re-enter.

  7. Once the evacuation is completed, the Building Safety Coordinator needs to complete and submit the fire drill/building evacuation report.

NOTE:  Tests are performed on fire alarm systems periodically.  In these cases an announcement will be made in the building that if the alarm sounds do not evacuate the building because maintenance and testing are being completed on the fire alarm system.