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Driver Safety Program

The Driver Safety Program is mandated by state law with the purpose of reducing incidents and accidents while driving on official University business.  All employees must be on the currently posted "Authorized Drivers List" to be reimbursed for any vehicle-related expenses (personally-owned, state-owned, or rental vehicles).

For details on the program please refer to the policy: HERE . 

Refer to the link in the left navigation for a current list of authorized drivers.

To be authorized to drive on University business you must be an employee and:

  1. Complete and print the entire Driver Authorization Form. Do not sign for Agency Head!
  2. Complete the Online Driver Safety Course (Defensive Driving Class)
  3. Send the original, completed authorization form and certificate of completion for the online driver safety course to the ULM Safety office (255 Strauss Hall) via campus mail. 
  4. If you do not possess a Louisiana drivers' license, you must contact your home state's department of motor vehicles and request an official 3-year driving history for yourself. This must be sent with the Driver Authorization Form and the Defensive Driving certificate to the EHS office. You will be required to submit an official driving record from your home state annually for continuation as an authorized driver.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements set forth by ULM's Policy. A tri-fold brochure can be viewed and printed here: Driver Safety Brochure

Please allow for 5 business days to process paperwork. Times vary due to driver history report processing once paperwork is received.

NOTE: A new Driver Authorization form must also be completed and submitted to the EHS office in the event of name change, class of license change, driving restriction change, or change in state of issuance. (examples include: name change in case of marriage/divorce, class change from E to D, or from out-of-state to in-state license, etc.).

All new drivers will be required to take the online defensive driving course within 90 days of hire date.  All authorized drivers are required to repeat the defensive driving course once every three (3) years.

Driver Safety Policy

 **Please do not sign on the line for Agency Head or Designated Individual.  Only the University President or his designee are authorized to sign. **

 Student Driving

Regular students who are not employed by the University of Louisiana at Monroe do not fall under the driver safety program of the Louisiana Office of Risk Management. Students traveling for official ULM sanctioned events must be deemed authorized travelers by the University President in order to be reimbursed for personal mileage.  This does not make the student an insured traveler or the event an insured activity. Refer to Louisiana Travel Policy PPM 49 for more information.

Student travel forms are located here: https://webservices.ulm.edu/forms/officesdepartments/student-life


Any persons who are not official state employees must sign the Acknowledgement of Non-State Employees Utilizing State Vehicles form linked below prior to riding in or driving a state-owned vehicle or rental vehicle on behalf of the State of Louisiana:

 Acknowledgement Form

Always Remember:

  • You must notify this office of any moving violations within 24 hours
  • You must retake the defensive driving course upon receipt of any moving violation or involvement in an accident
  • You must fill out a DA 2041 and submit to this office within 48 hours of any accident while on state business
  • You cannot use wireless telecommunications devices of any type while driving on official state business

2022 Fiscal Year Insurance

All state vehicles should keep proof of insurance in the glove box with a copy of the DA 2041, Vehicle Accident Form. Proof of insurance can be found here on the ORM website.