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ULM's program for promoting safe work practices and a safe working environment in accordance with Office of Risk Management guidelines is detailed in the following statement of safety policy and responsibility. This policy should be read and its principles practiced by each ULM faculty and staff member. ULM's positive response to occupational safety and health is the commendable result of efforts by all faculty and staff to minimize the frequency and severity of accidents.

  1. All levels of management are responsible for the safety and health of employees. This responsibility is met by continuous effort from everyone to implement safe working practices through maintaining property and equipment in a safe working condition, through quality project planning and execution and by ensuring full compliance with applicable rules, requirements and regulations.
  1. Basic responsibility for employee health and safety rests with each individual. All employees will, as a condition of employment, be responsible for conducting their work in a safe and healthful manner.
  1. Work practices should be based on the principles of least acceptable risk as defined by the Loss Prevention Section of the Office of Risk Management.
  1. All University programs and activities should maintain a continuous identification and evaluation of employee health and safety risks by familiarization, inspections and coordination with the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
  1. The University is committed to the control and reduction of employee exposure to known, evident or suspected occupational health and safety risks by attempting to lower exposure levels as quickly as governmental regulation, technology and economic feasibility allow.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office is located in Strauss Hall, Suite 255, Telephone 318-342-5177. ULM's designated safety officer (in accordance with R.S. 39:1543), is responsible, under the direction of the Facilities Management Office, for developing and implementing the University's comprehensive safety program.



The Office of Risk Management - General Safety Program