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Quarterly Safety Meeting Instructions

All employees must attend the quarterly safety meeting.  This includes all faculty, staff, student workers, graduate assistants, and part-time personnel.  Also included are personnel stationed off campus, unless they are stationed at another state agency that holds quarterly safety meetings.  Any employee who misses the meeting can arrange for make-up training with their department supervisor.  If an employee is not in attendance and does not complete make-up training then the supervisor must provide a documented reason as to why the employee could not complete the training.

We have incorporated the safety meetings into the new ULM Training Website. The location for this new training website is below, but there will also put a link to it on the Safety Training page.

Click on the link.  This will take you to the ULM Training Website.  Select the title of the training you seek.  You will be required to sign in with your username and password.  Please note, approximately 30 minutes is needed to complete the training.  Once you start the course, you must finish to completion or you will have to restart from the beginning.  The training site does not have the ability to save your progress. The Safety Department recommends that you open any links within the training in a new tab, so as to not lose your place. Then return to the training and continue.

Upon completing the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.  A copy of the certificate will be emailed to you and stored in a permanent URL. The EHS Officer will have access to print a training report, so there is no need to send a copy of your certificate. There will also be a training report posted regularly to the Reports section of the safety website home page for tracking purposes.