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Quarterly Building Inspection Program

All university owned, rented, or leased buildings are required to be inspected at least quarterly.  Building Inspection Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that inspections are conducted in their assigned buildings.

Problems & issues identified during the inspections should be corrected by the personnel performing the inspection if possible.  Some issues require professional assistance to be corrected, but many simple issues can be corrected by the Building Inspection Coordinator and other occupants of the building. All identified  hazards should be entered for repairs into the Physical Plant's FIXX system at fixx.ulm.edu. The work order numbers should be noted on the inspection sheets for tracking.

When performing an inspection talk to the occupants of the building.  They may have noticed safety hazards that the Building Inspection Coordinator did not identify. 

For issues that pose an imminent threat to building occupants, please report these directly to the Environmental Health & Safety Officer by telephone at 342-5177.

The EHS department has developed a standard building inspection form to be used when conducting the inspections:

Building Inspection Form Instructions

Building Inspection Form (Adobe PDF Format)

Once the inspection is complete, review the building inspection form for accuracy.  Be sure the form is signed.  Keep a copy of the form and send a copy to the Environmental Health & Safety Office.

Quarterly building inspection forms are due on the Friday of the first full week of these months:
1st Quarter -     February 
2nd Quarter -    May 
3rd Quarter -     August  
4th Quarter -     November