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Shared Governance


There are numerous resources and information available about Shared Governance within an university environment at various Web sites and as PDFs.

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AAUP - Promoting Shared Governance - The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) advancesk academic freedom and shared governance, defines fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and ensures higher education's contribution to the common good.

Academe - "The Critical State of Shared Governance" - The AAUP' s first annual Neil Rappaport Lecture focuses on what happens to academic expertise and the academic freedom of faculty when governing boards and administrators look to the corporate world for organizational models.

Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities

Traits of Effective Senates

Evaluation of Shared Governance

Introduction to "Indicators of Sound Governance"


Shared Governance: Balancing the Euphoria - J. Stephen Guffy and Lary C. Rampp

Current Trends and Issues in the Practice of Faculty Involvement in Governance - Brian A. Carlisle and Michael T. Miller

The Role of Shared Governance in Institutional Hard Decisions: Enabler or Antagonist? - Peter D. Eckel, Ph.D.

Sharing Authority in Higher Education: Faculty Involvement in Governance - Dr. Michael T. Miller, Dr. Thomas F. McCormack and Dr. Myron L. Pope

A Contemporary Matrix Approach to Defining Shared Governance - Dr. Richard Davenport, Dr. Elaine Daniels, Dr. James Jones, Mr. Roger Kesseler and Dr. Merlyn Mowery

The Connection Between Formal And Informal Meetings: Understanding Shared Governance in a Small College Environment - Faye Gothard Mangrum and C.W. Mangrum

The College President's Perspective on Faculty Involvement in Governance - Dr. Michael T. Miller

The End of Shared Governance: Looking Ahead or Looking Back - Robert Birnbaum

The Provost's View of the Value of Faculty Led Decision-Making - Michael T. Miller and Myron L. Pope

Democracy and Capitalism, Academic Style: Governance in Contemporary Higher Education - Gary Rhoades

Changes for Governance: A National Report - William G. Tierney and James T. Minor

The Danger of Deference: A Case of Polite Governance - James T. Minor and William G. Tierney

Locating Power at the Heart of Conflict: The Role of the Faculty Senate in Establishing Curriculum - Daniel F. Pigg, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Shared Governance: An Analysis of Power on a Modern University Campus From the Perspective of an Administrator - Joseph S. C. Simplicio

Shared Governance: Democracy is Not an Educational Idea - Stanley Fish


Governance at UC - University of California

Shared Governance - Southern Illinois University

Shared Governance Committee - Associated Students of Madison

Shared Governance - University Senate - University of Maryland

Shared Governance - University of Arizona

Shared Governance - Virginia State University

Shared Governance - University of North Alabama

Shared Governance - Eastern Washington University

Shared Governance - Loyola University Chicago

Draft: Principles of Shared Governance - Arkansas State University

University Shared Governance - Montana State University

AFT - Hot Topics - Shared Governance (PDF) - American Federation of Teachers

Shared Governance - Bowie State University

Shared Governance at UC - University of California - Santa Barbara

Office of Shared Governance at CCSF - City College of San Francisco

Shared Governance - University of Baltimore

Resolution on Shared Governance - University of Minnesota

Shared Governance Fund--Procedures - University of Tennessee

12.06.95 - Reflections on Shared Governance - University of California - Berkeley

Shared Governance Can Work - The new issue of AAUP's FOOTNOTES focuses on issues of shared governance and includes the following article on UC Berkeley and why its system actually works.

Nursing Shared Governance (The Forum for Shared Governance) - The Forum for Shared Governance is a clearing house for promoting and disseminating research about shared governance and similar organizational innovations that help empower nurses and other healthcare professionals in their workplaces.

Shared Governance - University of Houston - Clear Lake

Faculty Handbook (PDF)  - University of Tennessee

Towson AAUP - Shared Governance - Towson University

IVC Classified Senate - shared governance - Irvine Valley College

Planning Services - Shared Governance at URI - University of Rhode Island

Jossey-Bass::Restructuring Shared Governance in Higher Education: New Directions for Higher Education, No. 127

Criteria Based Approach to Shared University Governance - University of Michigan

Town Hall Meeting on Shared Governance - Truman State University

Principles of Shared Governance, Feb. 11 draft - Arkansas State University

Insider: Shared Governance and Institutional Decisions - Buffalo State College

Faculty Participation in Shared Governance at UIUC- University of Illinois at Urbana

Shared Governance (PDF) - University of Houston

MTU Self-Study Report: (2) Purposes and Planning, Page 3 of 3 - Michigan Technological University

OTHER RESOURCES - all links open as a PDF

"Shared Governance in Colleges and Universities" - a statement by the Higher Education Program and Policy Council

Oregon State University's Shared Governance with The Associated Students of Oregon State University

Policy on Shared Governance in The University System of Maryland

Shared Governance Reconsidered: Improving Decision-Making in the California State University

Shared Governance in The University of California: An Overview

Shared Governance at UCLA

Faculty Senate-Presidential Task Force on the Implementation of Shared Governance Structure - University of Florida