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Title IV-E Child Welfare Information Project

The goal of the ULM Title IV-E Child Welfare Project is to ensure the preparation of future graduates for competent practice in Child Protection, Family Services, Foster Care, Adoptions and/or Home Development. The ULM Project is one of seven Universities in Louisiana, contracted by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) in a statewide agency/university partnership established in 1995 to achieve this goal.


To attract and prepare potential employees for a career in public child welfare in Louisiana.
To embrace and expand child-centered, family-focused strengths-based child welfare practice methods, evidence-based child welfare practice methods and evidence-based accountability.
To support current LA DCFS employees in continued professional development to enhance their child welfare careers.


To train and prepare undergraduate social work students for competent child welfare practice and a career committed to constant betterment of services for and protection of children from maltreatment.
To encourage LA DCFS workers to return to higher education to further their own professionalism as well as that of the agency.
To contribute to the knowledge base of child welfare practice and effective collaboration for children and families through training, evaluation, research, presentations and publications by ULM Social Work faculty and staff.


What is the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project at ULM?

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Project at ULM is a Program to encourage undergraduate social work students to prepare for a public child welfare career. Students who participate and complete the program are eligible to apply as a Social Services Specialist Intern with the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, which is our state's public child welfare office. The LA DCFS provides state sponsored adoptions, foster care services, and child protection services. ULM is one of 7 universities who provided child welfare training under a similar federally funded initiative prior to the current statewide Title IV-E initiative.

ULM students who participate are selected annually on a competitive basis. They submit applications during the Spring Semester, which includes a panel review composed of ULM social work faculty and LA DCFS Regional Specialists. Once selected, students receive a $6,500.00 stipend, complete a block field placement in a LA DCFS parish office, and are required to apply for the Social Services Specialist Intern position upon graduation to fulfill a one year work requirement. Students are encouraged to continue their professional training and can defer their work obligation if they enroll in a CSWE accredited Master's in Social Work (MSW) program. Students are encouraged to apply for employment with LA DCFS in any of the state's 64 parishes.



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