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Staff Senate

Departmental Supplemental Funding Request

The Staff Senate receives an annual budget that it may use in support of their missions and the purpose and objectives of the Senate (see the Staff Senate Constitution and Bylaws). The size of the Staff Senate budget is small and the amount of funds available to the various committees is limited. 

Each department may make one request for supplemental funding each fiscal year. However, a funding cap of $250 is in effect per department. Also, include a breakdown of all costs requested and a letter of application about why this funding is needed, how it will impact staff/coworkers/colleagues/department, etc. The Department’s ability to provide detailed information will affect the committee’s decision for funding. Additional restrictions and instructions are found in the form below.


Request Form

Departments that are requesting funds must submit the above form to their Staff Senator at least two (2) full weeks before the next regularly scheduled Staff Senate meeting. Submit the completed form with any and all supplemental documentation to one of your divisional senators.

Supplemental Funding Recipients