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What is DSST?

The DSST® (Dantes Standardized Subject Test) Program is a nationally recognized testing program that gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional college classroom.

DSST Credit Policy

DSST Examinations currently approved for credit at ULM, the passing scores and the ULM course equivalents are listed below.


DSST Examination Title

ULM Course Equivalent

Passing Score

Semester Hours Credit

Business Law II Business Law 4002 44 3
Introduction to Business Business 1001 400 3
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice 1001 400 3
Introduction to Law Enforcement Criminal Justice 2030 50 3
Money and Banking Economics 3001 48 3
Principles of Finance Finance 3015 400 3
Personal Finance Finance 3003 400 3
Physical Geology Geology 1001 46 3
Principles of Supervision Management 2003 400 3
Organizational Behavior Management 3005 48 3
Human Resource Management Management 3007 46 3
Principles of Statistics Math 1016 400 3
Principles of Physical Science I Physical Science 1001 47 3
Astronomy Physics 2001 48 3


ULM policy prohibits a student from earning credit through DSST during the semester in which they are scheduled to graduate.  Therefore, all DSST exams MUST be completed and credit posted prior to a student's final semester.


Examinations may be taken at any test center (website link) offering DSST examinations; however, only the examinations listed above will be accepted for credit, provided official score reports are sent to ULM.  The student should contact the test center directly for registration procedures. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that an exam is accepted for their major at ULM prior to taking the exam.

Score Reports and Passing Score Information at ULM
Unofficial score reports can be viewed after the test administration. Each institution awarding credit based on DSST sets its own credit-granting policy.

The passing score varies for all DSST examinations.  Course credit is awarded for DSST examinations and appears on transcripts.  Courses passed by examination count toward graduation.  However, no letter grade will be awarded and the grade will not be calculated in your total grade point average.  If a passing score is earned, the University Registrar will enter the credit earned on the transcript as equivalent to the appropriate ULM course.  Credit will be awarded to prospective ULM students only after they have enrolled at ULM. 

If you pass a DSST subject examination for a course you are taking at ULM, you may (1) stay in the course and get the grade earned in class or (2) drop the course and receive credit by examination.  If you drop the course to receive credit by examination, it must be dropped with a “W” by the official ULM catalog final day for dropping a subject for that semester or summer session.  If the subject examination passed covers two courses, including a course you are taking, you may finish the course to earn a letter grade and quality points, and still receive credit by examination for the course you have not taken. 

NOTE: Credit earned by exam does not count toward hours earned for the Louisiana TOPS Program.