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Office of Veterans Affairs

Getting Started


Students who want to use their veteran educational benefits must complete one of the following:


After completing the first step, all students receiving veteran educational benefits are required to:

  1. Enroll at ULM and be fully admitted
  2. Students must be advised by their academic advisor and have registered for classes for the semester that they wish to use their educational benefits.
  3. Complete the online Veterans Enrollment Certification Form found at the following link:


Contact the SCO at vetaffairs@ulm.edu if there is any difficulty completing the certification form.

If the student is a Chapter 33 or 35 dependent recipient, the Social Security Number of the Veteran is needed in order to certify enrollment with the VA.

After receiving the required forms and information, the ULM Office of Veterans Affairs will submit the student’s certification of enrollment to the VA for processing. Processing with the VA can take up to four weeks.


Payment Status

The ULM Office of Veterans Affairs does not have access to students’ payment status or records with the VA.  For questions about payment status, students are asked to contact the VA directly: