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Office of the Vice President for Information Services & Student Success (VPIS)

The Office of the Vice President for Information Services & Student Success has the responsibility of several key non-academic areas.

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Information Services provides all technology, computing services and related support for the campus, including email, BANNER, web and other computing services. In addition, Information Services provides hardware support for computer and printers. The Telephone Office handles all telecommunication functions on campus. The ULM Library is fully equipped with a computer lab, media presentation/studio rooms, classrooms, special collections & more.

Recruitment & Admissions is responsible for recruitment and admissions of students, International Student Services, Scholarships, and Student Communications.

Other areas under the auspices of the Vice President include:

Financial Aid
Student Success Center/Retention
University Planning and Analysis


Please feel free to contact our office if you have questions or need any information about any of these ULM departments.