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Degree Requirements

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*Contact Department of Art
  for additional information.

 Registration Dates

ADVISING STARTED: Monday, October 13, 2014 REGISTRATION Started November 12, 2014
continues to 3:30 pm Tuesday, January 6


Advising info 2015

plus other important dates and information.

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Students intending to graduate in Spring 2015

The procedure for graduating senior applications in the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences has changed.
1. Click to download Application
for Undergraduate & Professional Degree [pdf]
ATTENTION Mac Computer users - to complete the form in the browser, use Safari as the browser to open the form. Firefox does not provide form field access and Chrome has a bug in the CWID field.
2. The student shall complete the form, print, sign, and then take the Application for Graduation to the school’s administrative assistant.
For Visual and Performing Arts this will be:
Mrs. Carolyn Bruce, Biedenharn 105.
3. The School’s Administrative Assistant will check the application against the degree sheet to be sure the catalog year listed on the application matches the degree sheet as well as check to be sure the student is eligible to graduate in the semester indicated on the application.
4. The Administrative Assistant will make a copy of the application and send the original application to the Dean’s office at the appointed date.

Please note Graduation Checkout
Performed each semester after a student has attained
senior status (90 hours). 
Send student to Dean’s office at the beginning of the
student’s last semester for final checkout.

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