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Degree Requirements

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  for additional information.

 Registration Dates

Wednesday, MARCH 18

Registration for Maymester, Summer 1 and 2
and the eULM 8-week Summer session
opens on Friday, April 1, 2015.
 Special Groups • Wed - Thur, April 15, 16.
 Graduates, Seniors and
Professional Pharmacy • Monday, April 20.
 Freshmen • Tuesday, April 21.
Sophomores and Juniors • Wednesday, April 22.
All eligible students • Thursday, April 23
and continues to 3:30 p.m. Thursday, August 13.

Advising info 2015

plus other important dates and information.

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MATH and ENGLISH courses for
FTFTF (first time full time freshman) students

Update on significant changes to the Board of Regents co-requisite pilot program adopted by ULM last year.

In Fall 2014, ULM developed two co-requisite courses, MATH 1000 and ENGL 1000, for students with an ACT-Math subscore of 17 or 18 or an ACT English subscore of 16 or 17. We found that students who enrolled in MATH 1000 or ENGL 1000 last year achieved a high rate of success in their accompanying MATH 1009 or ENGL 1001 courses.

In order to continue this program, we are required to adhere to the following Board of Regents stipulations.
FTFTF (first time full time freshman) students with a Math ACT of 17 or 18 -or- an English ACT English of 16 or 17 MUST enroll in: 1) MATH 1000/MATH 1009 or ENGL 1000/ENGL 1001 during their first semester at the university, and 2) the follow-up course the next semester.

Students whose ACT scores are below the cutoff for MATH/ENGL 1000 must enroll in MATH 0093 and/or ENGL 0090.

The following summary should help guide advisors:

Math ACT of 19 or above • Core Math

Math ACT of 17 or 18 • MATH 1000/MATH 1009 pair (*required first semester)

Math ACT of 16 or below • MATH 0093 (*required first semester)

English ACT of 18 or above • Core English Composition

English ACT of 16 or 17 • ENGL 1000/ENGL 1009 pair (*required first semester)

English ACT of 15 or below • ENGL 0090 (*required first semester)


Students intending to graduate in Fall 2015

Please visit the REGISTRAR WEB SITE 
http://www.ulm.edu/registrar/ to complete and submit the degree application form.The deadline is July 15, but recommend completing before the semester end so that you will not forget.

If you know of anyone expecting to graduate, please pass along this information.

Please note Graduation Checkout
Performed each semester after a student has attained
senior status (90 hours). 
Send student to Dean’s office at the beginning of the
student’s last semester for final checkout.

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