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Faculty Advising Aids




Substitution – complete this form for a course substitution in a student’s degree.

Permission to take courses at another university – complete this form to take a course for ULM credit at another university.

Overload – complete this form for a student wishing to take more than 18 hours in a semester.

Catalog Change – complete this form for a student wishing to change their curriculum catalog year.

Request to change advisor – complete this form if a student wishes to change their advisor.

Request to Reschedule Final Exam – complete this form if a student needs to reschedule a final exam due to extenuating circumstances (no degree plan required).



Advisors need to have their students complete a graduation application the semester prior to graduation. Graduation applications can be found on the Registrar’s website. This should be done during the advising session.



Advisors must leave comments in FlightPath when advising students. Also, be sure to print and sign the advising sheet FlightPath provides at the end of the advising session and give it to the administrative assistant for your school.  FlightPath can also be used for advising in “What If” mode for those students who plan on changing their major.


Major Changes

Students must go to the Dean’s office of the major they are changing to and complete a request for curriculum change form.



Overrides must be approved by the Associate Director/Director of your school before being sent to caes@ulm.edu. Email should contain the following:


**Please note that for Time Conflict Overrides students must fill out a Drop/Add card as well as have an explanation from the instructor of how the student will make up for the time missed in the class.**


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 Additional Information

For scheduling and tuition information, go to ulm.edu/schedule.


For Math, English, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science tutoring information, go to http://ulm.edu/studentsuccess/tutoring.html


For information about scholarships, go to https://ulm.academicworks.com/


For ULM’s calendar, go to https://calendar.ulm.edu/


Additional advising information can be found on the Student Success Center website.