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Petty Cash Information

Petty Cash is reimbursed in the form of a check. The form is located at the link below. This form must be completed with the original receipts attached and turned in to the Accounts Payable Office. Forms received by Tuesday noon (12:00pm) will have a check available on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. Please remember that all “5, 6 & 8” account transactions must be signed off by Grants and Contracts. 

Grants and Contracts: Coenen Hall 127 Ph: (318) 342-3430 Fx: (318) 342-3814

Petty Cash Payment Request (.XLS)

Travel Information

State Travel Office

Travel Presentations:

Travel Updates & Information:

Travel Forms:


A/P ANNOUNCEMENT, per Nicole Walker, Controller

Throughout the year we receive many calls and emails regarding payments. We plan to host training sessions for various AP functions (travel, receiving in Banner) after the first of the year as an aid in helping us all get payments out in a timely manner. The following is intended to remind everyone of our established procedures and to communicate a few changes.

Purchase orders (department copy):

If the Purchase order is a case where the Check Must Accompany Order (CMAO), such as for a speaker or event, please notify us in advance before the check writing that it is a CMAO.

Upon final delivery/receipt of merchandise/services, receive in Banner. Write the receiver number (Y#), sign and date the yellow/gold copy of the Purchase Order/Change Order (if applicable) and send to AP. Please notate any changes and initial and date the change.

Upon partial delivery/receipt of merchandise/services, receive in Banner. Using a Partial delivery receiving form, write the receiver number (Y#), list the items, quantity, and amounts that have been received, and sign and date and send to AP.

You must Receive in Banner and notate the Y# on the document(s), or we will be unable to process the payment to the vendor. To complete the steps, you must check the “Complete” box in Banner, even though a green checkmark appears. If the vendor sends the original invoice to you, please forward to Accounts Payable along with your signed Receiver document. If the Purchase order is allocated in different accounts, please list the amounts received that need to be expensed to each account. If not, Banner will allocate based on a percentage method. If you have a purchase order issued for a vendor, do NOT submit a check request to pay the invoices for those items.

You no longer must wait until you receive the invoice copy from us in order to receive in Banner and send Receiver to us. We will no longer be sending the invoices to the departments unless you communicate to us otherwise AND the invoice clearly has your department name noted. Simply receive in Banner once the goods have arrived, fill out yellow Receiver copy with “Y” number noted on Receiver and send to AP. Once the Receiver is received in AP, we will pay the invoice.

Check Requests and Travel Advances/Expense Reports:

Original receipts must be submitted before payment can be made. If the check(s) must be picked up, please type or write legibly the name and extension of the contact person on the request. Checks for pick-up are ready on Thursday at LaCap, and mail outs are sent through regular mail the following Monday. Please allow adequate time for the request to be approved through Purchasing and/or Grants/Contracts, if applicable, and then forwarded to A/P by the deadline. All Check Requests for personal services rendered, for first-time payments to the vendor/individual, must have a W-9 form attached. An updated Accounts Payable Check Request (Voucher) form can be found on the ULM forms web page labeled AP Voucher. Please use this new form and discard all old ones.

Please make every effort to send or deliver the Travel Advances/Expense Reports and Check Requests by the Friday, 11:30 a.m. deadline to Coenen Hall Room 103 so they may be stamped before being distributed to the proper processor. We are working very diligently and expediently to process all payments in a timely manner. It is our goal for all completed requests that have been received in Accounts Payable by Friday, 11:30 a.m. to be processed in the check run for the following week; however, incomplete Receivers and/or incorrect/incomplete Check Requests and Travel Advances/Expense Reports will delay payment. No travel expenses will be paid through Check Requests and you must submit your PRIOR travel authorizations for ALL out-of-state travel and in-state conferences.

In order to verify if payment has been made, first access FAIVNDH in Banner and check Vendor History. However, due to the high volume received in AP, please allow two weeks before making an inquiry to AP, preferably by email, as to why payment has not been made.

Questions should be directed as follows:

Purchase Orders – Kaci Noble  knoble@ulm.edu
Travel – Mary East  east@ulm.edu
Check Requests – Karen Danna  kdanna@ulm.edu
Accounts Payable Manager - Lena Beutner lbeutner@ulm.edu


We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and adherence in these procedures.

We will inform you of the training sessions once the dates have been determined.

[per Nicole Walker, CPA, MBA, Controller; University of Louisiana Monroe; Phone: (318) 342-1040; Fax: (318) 342-5103]

Travel Announcements

October 6, 2014
Effective November 1, 2014, the Commission of Administration has mandated that specific travel expenditures be placed on the State Travel  or LaCarte CBA programs,  this office has received questions regarding rental vehicle direct bill accounts.  If your agency is interested in establishing a direct bill account with Enterprise with payment being placed on one of the State’s card programs, please see instructions below.  Any questions should be directed to Enterprise.

Three different scenarios

  1. Agency has no current direct bill set up…..  They have three options, set up a direct bill account with payment via credit card, set up ghost account (direct credit card pay) or simply allow charges on individual travel cards at time of rental.  For those that want direct bill with credit card pay they need to fill out Direct Bill form and Credit Card Authorization form and follow instructions on remittance form.  For those that want a ghost account they only need to fill out the credit card authorization form.
  2. Agency has existing ghost account….  They need to do nothing, no changes for them.
  3. Agency has existing direct bill.  They need to fill out the credit card authorization form and follow instructions on the attached remittance form.

Shelita Woods, Office of State TravelShelita.Woods@la.gov, (225) 342-6322, (225) 342-5019 fax

June 20, 2013

The following was received from the Office of State Travel. If you travel on state business, please review the below information carefully.

As you know, in order to be considered tax exempt in regards to lodging,  a state employee must present a completed “tax exempt form” to the hotel at time of check-in. However, did you know that in addition to the tax exempt form, a state traveler is also required to have a “copy of the employee’s written travel orders which states the dates and destination of the authorized travel,” or for state employees, a copy of their travel authorization. This requirement is noted at the bottom of the State of Louisiana’s tax exempt form as a requirement of the Department of Revenue. Although not all hotels will request or require the travel authorization form along with the tax exempt form, to be considered tax exempt, more hotels are beginning to require both.

Remember, as per the state’s policies for both LaCarte Purchasing and Corporate Travel cards, taxes may never be allowed when making a charge for lodging. Therefore, in order to comply with the policies, along with reducing costs to your agency, the Office of State Travel strongly suggests that employees immediately begin carrying both documents, when travel includes overnight lodging, to ensure that if asked they will have all necessary documentation.

The current tax exempt form is located on our website at  http://www.doa.louisiana.gov/osp/travel/forms/hoteltaxexemption.pdf

Thanks, Larry K. Estess, Director of Purchasing

February 27, 2013
The change to the mileage reimbursement rate discussed below has been rescinded.  Any mileage that is reimbursed over 99 miles will remain at 51 cents per mile if an exception to the 99 mile limit is made.

However, effective March 1, 2013, any exceptions to the 99 mile limit must be approved through the Office of the Commissioner. Per Shelita Woods at the State Travel Office, this includes Deans, Vice Presidents, and the President.

All requests for exceptions must be addressed to the Commissioner of Administration with justification as to why it is in the best interest of the state for the exception.  This is required for BOTH in-state and out-of-state travel. Please address these requests to:

Kristy H. Nichols, Commissioner Of Administration
Division of Administration
PO Box 94095, Baton Rouge LA 70804-9095
Telephone: (225) 342-7000

Please contact me at x1040 or Larry Estess at x5211 if you have any questions.

Thank you, Nicole Walker, Controller

February 21, 2013
Change to Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Effective February 1, 2013, mileage in excess of 99 miles will be reimbursed at .40 cents per mile instead of .51 cents per mile.  The mileage reimbursement rate for 1-99 miles will remain at .51 cents per mile.  This rate applies to BOTH in-state and out-of-state mileage, and is applicable to all state employees.

This does not change the procedures, guidelines, or rules regarding personal vehicle mileage reimbursement.

For in-state travel, when a rental is not feasible or in the best interest of the State, a written justification and approval from the Chief Business Officer, appropriate Vice President, or the President is still required for consideration for mileage reimbursements over 99 miles.

For out-of-state reimbursement rules, which are still in effect, the Chief Business Officer, appropriate Vice President, or the President must approve use of a personal vehicle and mileage reimbursements must not exceed the cost of the lowest available airfare.

The revised travel expense report that reflects this mileage reimbursement change is located at the following linkPlease use this new form [note old form restored at this link]: travelexpense.xls

Travel Advances Written to Vendors

Now that the corporate travel card has been eliminated, the number of travel advances processed by our office has greatly increased.  Please be sure that when a travel advance for a check written to a vendor is submitted, that a W-9 for that vendor accompanies the request. Without the W-9, the processing of the travel advance will be delayed.

If you have any questions, please contact me or Mary East at extension #5112.

Thank you, Nicole Walker, Controller

January 12, 2011
From the State Travel Office:

It has been brought to our attention that there have been requests for reimbursement due to input of the incorrect corporate discount code while reserving rental vehicles from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise cannot be expected to continue to process reimbursements because of code entry errors. Therefore, it is imperative that each employee utilize the accurate Enterprise code when renting.

• For In-State Rentals - Discount Code for Enterprise is NA1403
• For Out-of-State Rentals - Discount Code for Enterprise is XZ14070

Shelita Woods, Office of State Travel, Shelita.Woods@la.gov, (225) 342-6322, (225) 342-5019 fax