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Work-Study Job Listings


Federal Work-Study (04) is a federally subsidized work program, which provides on-campus employment opportunities to eligible undergraduate and graduate students with financial need.  To be considered for this program, students must complete the FAFSA.   Some campus departments may hire students through the Campus Work Program (03).  This program works the same as the Federal Work Study Program except the FAFSA application is not necessary.
More information about the Work-Study Program and its policies can be found in the Student Employment Manual

Job Locations for the Spring 2016 semester




Job Title (or purpose of job):  Student Worker 
Department Name:  Financial Aid 
Name of Group or Unit within Department:   
Job Location:  Library 228 
Flexible Scheduling?  No 
Number of Openings:  1
Hourly Pay Rate:  8.00 
Supervisor Name & Title:  Erica Hopko and Jalainna Placide 
Phone:  318-342-3497 and 318-342-3514 
Email:  hopko@ulm.edu and placide@ulm.edu 
Purpose of Job:  We have the following position open

Our office needs someone that can fill the hours specified below:

Monday 12-5 and Friday 7:30-11:30


 Supervisor Name: Andy Parham 

Contact Information: Parham@ulm.edu 

 Department: Athletic Video

 Number of positions: 4

 04 or 03 student: 04



Supervisor Name: Alex Edwards 

 Contact Information: Office 5463 / email: Edwards@ulm.edu

 Department: Athletics Media Relations

 Number of positions: 1-2

 04 or 03 student: 04 

 Brief list of duties or expectations:

 (Athletics Photographer)Serve as photographer for home athletic events and provide photos to appropriate media relations staff member both during the contest and immediately after. Digital media major or art major and prior photography experience highly recommended.


Supervisor Name: Mike Gray

Contact Information: 342-5110

Position 1 and 2

 Office/clerical--entering logs into computer, filling out forms, answering phone, etc.

Must have working knowledge of computers including excel and word.