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Communications Graduate Program

The Communication Master’s is an interdisciplinary degree. The program enables students to focus in strategic media communication or strategic advocacy communication. All of the instructors in the Communication Program hold a terminal degree, either Ph.D. or M.F.A., and specialize in one of the focuses of the program.


Required courses include communication theory and both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The program has graduate faculty who can supervise projects using either or both quantitative or qualitative approaches to communication research.
Students complete the program either by selecting a Thesis option or an Exit Project option. The Thesis option is for students likely to pursue a PhD. The Exit Project option is for students who wish to apply their studies in a professional work context and is designed to enhance skills and build a résumé. Both options require defending the work to the student’s advisory committee in a public forum. The advisory committee includes a major professor and two other members of the Communication graduate faculty of the student’s choosing.
Graduate Assistantships are available for those students who are on-campus. An assistantship gives the student the opportunity to build experience for their resume by assisting an instructor in classes and potentially by teaching a 1000- or 2000-level survey course.
Currently the Communication Program is developing an online degree in order to be more accessible to future students.