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"I like to use examples of real business situations that apply to the concepts that I am teaching in the classroom. I enjoy teaching students the "why" behind business ideas and concepts rather than just the concepts. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing the light go off in students' heads when a concept is understood and applied to real business situations." - Dr. Raymundo Rodriguez, Assistant Professor School of Management, College of Business & Social Sciences.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Financial Services Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership is 100% online and offered collaboratively by nine universities within the University of Louisiana System, with nine distinctive concentrations.

This degree program is designed for adults who stopped attending college.  According to the 2012 American Community Survey, there are over 600,000 adults in Louisiana with some college credit and no degree.  Each class will be offered in an accelerated format (eight weeks), as opposed to the normal 15 weeks.  This pioneering program is a way to reach out to that market and entice former students to finish their degrees, while capitalizing on the unique strengths of nine public universities. 

The degree will consist of 30 hours of courses offered jointly by faculty and the nine universities and 30 hours of concentration and elective courses offered by each institution.  The online platform will be seamless, and the cost will be uniform across concentrations and universities. 

To enter the program, students must be at least 25 years old and have completed 60 hours of college credit, including general education courses.  However, students with less that 60 hours can enroll in our general business program until eligibility requirements are met.