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Professional, Personal, Consulting, Social Services (PPCS) Contracts:

Professional Service (LA R.S. 39:1556(42); 39:1617): means work rendered by an independent contractor who has a professed knowledge of some department of learning or science used by its practical application to the affairs of others or in the practice of an art founded on it, which independent contractor shall include but not be limited to lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists, certified advanced practice nurses, veterinarians, architects, engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, accountants, actuaries, and claims adjusters. A profession is a vocation founded upon prolonged and specialized intellectual training which enables a particular service to be rendered. The word "professional" implies professed attainments in special knowledge as distinguished from mere skill. For contracts with a total amount of compensation of fifty thousand dollars or more, the definition of "professional service" shall be limited to lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists, certified advanced practice nurses, veterinarians, architects, engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, accountants, actuaries, claims adjusters, and any other profession that may be added by regulations adopted by the office of state procurement of the division of administration.

Personal Service (LA R.S. 39:1556(37); 39:1620): means work rendered by individuals which requires use of creative or artistic skills or highly technical or unique individual skills or talents. including, but not limited to, graphic artists, sculptors, musicians, photographers, writers, or which require use of highly technical or unique individual skills or talents, including but not limited to paramedical, therapists, handwriting analysts, foreign representatives, and expert witnesses for adjudications or other court proceedings. A "foreign representative" shall mean a person in a foreign country whose education and experience qualify such a person to represent the state in such foreign country.

Consulting Service (LA R.S. 39:1556(10); 39:1621): means work, other than professional, personal, or social services, rendered by either individuals or firms who posses specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise to investigate assigned problems or projects and to provide counsel, review, design, development, analysis, or advice in formulating or implementing programs or services, or improvements in programs or services, included by not limited to such areas of management, personnel, finance, accounting planning, information technology, and advertising contracts, except for printing associated therewith

Social Service (LA R.S. 39:1556(54); 39:1619): means work rendered by an person, firm, corporation, organization, governmental body, or governmental entity in furtherance of the general welfare of the citizens of Louisiana, including by not limited to the objectives provided for in LA R.S. 39:1619(A).


All Contracts should be reviewed by Purchasing Director before any signatures are obtained

A Banner Requisition is recommended for all contracts, but REQUIRED if the contract is over $2,000.


Purchasing should receive the complete contract package* for review in advance of the contract commencement date according to the time frames indicated below. 

              Contract Amount                 Submission Time Requirements**


* A complete contract package is an APPROVED Banner Requisition, the Contract signed by Vendor & 2 witnesses (if applicable) and all required supporting documents.

EXCEPTION to Banner Requisition: Contracts less than $2k can be submitted via Check Request.

(Important note: Before any signatures are obtained, the contract should be pre-screened by the Purchasing Director to ensure the document is compliant with all state requirements.)

**If payment is expected immediately following an event, 10 days should be added to the above time frames.  Also, the requisition must clearly indicate “Check Must Accompany Order (CMAO)” &  the contract “Payment Terms” should clearly indicate that payment is expected at time of event (Additionally, the requesting department should specifically notify AP & Purchasing).   

Before final payment of contracts over $2,000 can be issued, an original performance evaluation must be sent to Accounts Payable with a copy to Purchasing.

Supporting Documents

Board Resolution Template (.doc) (Only needed if the contractor is a corporation, either profit or non-profit)

Certificate of Authority (Only needed if the contractor is an out-of-state corporation wishing to do business in Louisiana)

Certification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract is > $5k)

Late Contract Justification Letter Template (.doc)  (Only needed if if contract submission is 60 days past award)

Monitoring Plan for Services Template (.doc)

Multi-year Justification Letter Template (.doc) (Only needed if contract exceeds 12 months)

Performance Evaluation Letter Form (.pdf) (Required for final payment on contracts over $2k, once services are completed)

Resume (Required for all Consultants)

Sample Statement of Work (.doc)

Travel must always be in accordance with PPM 49 State Travel regulations if travel is to be reimbursed as part of the contract. Depending on what has been negotiated with the vendor in regards to travel, below are some options for travel verbiage that should be listed under “Payment Terms” in the contract:

No more than ($_________) of the total maximum amount payable under this contract shall be paid as reimbursable expenses, and travel expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with Division of Administration Policy and Procedure Memorandum 49 (The State General Travel Regulations).

Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses  are not payable by the state under this contract. Maximum contract amount is for services only and contractor assumes all responsibility for travel.

Maximum contract amount includes travel, lodging, meals, and other expenses which shall not be reimbursed separately or in addition to the maximum contract amount.

The contractor is responsible for all travel required to fulfill the services required in this agreement.

Travel must be in accordance with LA PPM 49 regulations (including, but not limited, to airfare, lodging, car rental).  Travel arrangements must be coordinated and booked through the University if payment or reimbursement is expected

Verification for Potential Employment (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with an individual instead of a business)

W-9 (.pdf) (Only needed if the contract is with a new vendor)