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July 7 - July 31

All group exercise classes include warm-up, appropriate stretch, and cool-down. Heart-rate checks will be regularly cued by the instructor; however, each person is responsible for monitoring their heart rate and exercising at the appropriate intensity. If you have any questions about exercise and determining what is appropriate for you, please ask your instructor, or make an appointment with one of the wellness staff for an exercise prescription.

Reminder: all classes are co-ed and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:15-5:30 pm Core  Core Core Core 
5:30-6:15 pm Vinyasa Yoga Butts N Back Cardio Kickboxing Barre Fitness


Class Descriptions

Core - Strengthen and Tone your Abs and Back. (20 Minutes)

Zumba - Fusion of Latin, hip/hop, and International music to inspire you to sweat. Join the fitness Party! Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness intervals and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. (60 minutes)

Vinyasa Yoga – Sequence of synchronized movements with breathe, to help strengthen, relax, detox, and promote muscular endurance, flexibility, and inner peace. Pace can be slow or fast. (60 Minutes)

Yin Yoga – Treat your body with restorative relaxation: long stretches and holds to release daily stresses. Enjoy soothing music, aromatherapy, and guided relaxation! (60 Minutes)

Barre Fitness Toning and conditioning exercises that utilize the Barre to increase balance, strength, and flexibility. Designed at an upbeat tempo - you will develop techniques derived from Pilates and Ballet that incorporates pulsing and holding movements that will tighten your body for that lean dancer physique! (60 Minutes)

Butts N BackNeed a new way to focus on the lower body during a workout? Butts N Back allows participants to concentrate on the lower back, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles through a variety of movements. Get a stronger CORE by increasing the strength and endurance of your legs, butt, and back! (60 Minutes)

Cardio Kickboxing – By incorporating high intensity kicking and punching routines, cardio kickboxing uses your lower-body and upper-body to increase cardio capacity, build stamina and improve coordination. (60 Minutes)


Group Exercise Class Policies:

  1. Wipe all equipment after use and return to its proper storage area.
  2. Please inform the instructor of any medical conditions or limitations BEFOREclass begins.
  3. Must have 2 or more participants to hold a class.
  4. Bring a towel!!! Towels are REQUIRED to attend classes and may be rented at the service center.
  5. Wait outside group exercise room until previous class is finished.