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University Animal/ Pet Policy


Animal / Pet Policy (Microsoft Word Document)


To protect the safety and ensure the comfort of students, faculty, staff, and others on campus.


This policy applies to all animals on campus. specifically pets that belong to faculty, staff, or students.  This policy does not apply to animals used for scientific research at the University.


No pets / animals of any kind will be allowed inside of any University facility.  A University facility is a building that is leased, rented, or owned by the University.

A pet that is brought onto campus (any property leased, rented, or owned by the University) must be physically restrained (leashed, in a cage, etc.) and in the proper care and control of the owner at all times.  Pets cannot be left unattended by the owner.  It is recommended that pets not be brought onto campus but if they are, they are the sole responsibility of the owner.  The University will not be liable for any injuries, damage, etc. resulting from or to the pet.

An exception to this policy is that guide animals for handicapped people (i.e. Seeing Eye dogs, etc. ) will be allowed to be used in University facilities and throughout the campus by handicapped people.