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Work-Study Job Listings 

Federal Work-Study (04) is a federally subsidized work program, which provides on-campus employment opportunities to eligible undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. To be considered for this program, students must complete the FAFSA. Some campus departments may hire students through the Campus Work Program (03). This program works the same as the Federal Work Study Program except the FAFSA application is not necessary.

Job Title (or purpose of job): Events Assistant Trainee

Department Name: School of Education

Job Location: School of Education

Terms: Spring 2023

Flexible Scheduling? Yes

Number of Openings: 1

Hourly Pay Rate: 7.25

Job Position: 04 - Federal Work-Study

Supervisor Name & Title: Therese Filhiol, Coordinator of Data & Assessment

Phone: 318-342-1257

Email: filhiol@ulm.edu

Purpose of Job: To assist in pre-event duties and train as an event assistant for the 2023 Region III Social Studies Fair.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities: This person wil assist with planning and preparation for the event: maintaing a base of registrants, managing incoming mail, training for set-up and for implementation at the event, and performing other duties as assigned. The event takes place in early Spring 2023, so this person will also need to be available for the event assistant position in the Spring 2023 semester. 

Job qualifications: Accuracy in recording data, excellent communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and reliability, and attention to detail. 

Job Title (or purpose of job): Women Take Flight Assistant

Department Name: School of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Name of Group or Unit within Department: Political Science

Job Location: Strauss Hall

Terms: Spring 2023

Flexible Scheduling? Yes

Number of Openings: 1-2

Hourly Pay Rate: $7.25

Job Position: 04 - Federal Work-Study

Supervisor Name & Title: Leigh Hersey, Assistant Professor & Coordinator


Email: hersey@ulm.edu

Purpose of Job: Assist the ULM Women Take Flight Program in day to day activities.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities: Filing, campus mail, attention to detail, answering phones, making flyers, setting up for and taking attendance at events.

Job Qualifications: Federal Work Study 

Office Assistant

Physical Plant

Work Order Office

Physical Plant




04 - Federal Work-Study

Mary Murphy, Administrative Coordinator 3

(318) 342-3499

To assist Physical Plant in achieving goals for the year.

Data entry and filing

Must have computer experience

Job Title (or purpose of job): Office of Student and Professional Affairs Student Worker

Department Name: College of Pharmacy, Office of Student and Professional Affairs

Job Location: 1800 Bienville Drive, Suite 176

Terms: Spring 2023

Flexible Scheduling?: Yes

Number of Openings: 1

Hourly Pay Rate: 7.25

Job Position: 04 - Federal Work-Study

Supervisor Name & Title: Mary Rhea, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Development


Email: mrhea@ulm.edu

Purpose of Job: To provide assistance to the College of Pharmacy faculty, staff and students.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities: Greet visitors, answer telephones, provide assistance to visitors and office staff as assigned, sort mail, file, run errands, work on projects as assigned and other clerical duties. 

Job Qualifications: Student worker will need to dress neatly, have a professional manner of speech and behavior at work. Be friendly, polite, and courteous. Be confidential, punctual, and responsible. Use proper phone etiquette. Be willing and eager to perform expected duties.

Kitty Degree Clinical Lab and Simulation Nursing Student Worker

Kitty Degree School of Clinical Nursing Lab and Simulation

Kitty Degree Nursing Lab and Simulation Lab

Kitty Degree School of Nursing Building



(Freshman or Sophmore Preferred)


04 - Federal Work-Study

Jan Shows, Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator


Assist Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator with set up for Clinical Skills Nursing Labs for Nursing Students in Semesters 1-4 and Nursing Simulation Lab.

Set up Nursing Clinical Skills Labs, Organize Nursing Supply Room, Organize Nursing Skills Labs, Monitor Nursing Skills Labs, Assist Faculty if needed in Nursing Skills Labs, and Assist Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator with other duties as needed

Dependable, Self Directed, Honest, Able to lift and carry equipment, supplies, and boxes

Student Worker


Track & Field

Brown Stadium




04 - Federal Work-Study

David Silversmith


Assist with daily operations of Track & Field program.

Assist with daily operations of Track & Field program as needed. Includes, but is not limited to, traveling with team, driving team van, assisting with team practices, etc.

Valid drivers license, ability to travel, track and field high school athlete experience preferred.

Student Worker

Protected Rights and Title IX

Protected Rights and Title IX

Brown 225





04 - Federal Work-Study

Pamela Jackson, Protected Rights Officer/Title IX Coordinator



To assist with implementation of Protected Rights/Title IX for the university community and for helping with coordinating the institution's compliance with Title IX in all areas covered by the regulations. The overall responsibility is the prevention of sex discrimination and/or to provide assistance for protected rights.

Student workers are responsible for assisting with the daily operation of the Protected Rights and Title IX Compliance Office. Their tasks include sorting mail, sending outgoing mail, manning telephone lines, filing documents, updating records, liaising with other departments, and documenting meetings, among others. Student-workers may also be assigned to handle or assist in university-wide events, training and activities. They are expected to be technologically savvy to assist with a variety of programs such as Excel, Word, email and keeping up with data entry in specific programs. Student-workers in this position should be exemplary, responsible, trustworthy, and diligent.

Efficient with computer skills, Able to multi-task, Detailed oriented, and Self motivated

Student Worker

Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability


Sandel 387




04 - Federal Work-Study

M. Jeanae Clark Office Manager



The purpose of the position is for the student to support the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability with clerical duties, event preparation, and confidential file maintanance.

The student will support the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability with clerical duties such as answering the phone, responding to emails, filing sensitive documents, running errands, shredding documents, and keeping inventory of supplies, or making social media posts. Some tasks may require attendance and help at events that the office hosts like Hazing prevention week and Sexual Assault awareness week.

The student must be able to maintain accuracy in recording data, excellent professional communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and reliability, and attention to detail.

Desk Worker

School of Sciences - MRC

Mathematics Resource Center

Walker 3-49 (Mathematics Resource Center)




04 - Federal Work-Study

Telitha Doke, Instructor



Assisting with the operations of the Mathematics Resource Center.

Running errands, Keeping the MRC tidy, Keeping the MRC Computers clean for student use, and Assisting with special events sponsored by ULM Mathematics

Eligible for 04 student employment, Reliable and punctual, and Willing to learn

Purchasing Student worker


Coenen Hall




04 - Federal Work-Study

Chelsea Carter-Procurement Analyst 2


Help with daily functions in department

Filing, faxing, creating folders for filing, Making copies.

previous clerical work preferred but not required- will train