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The Importance of Internships | An Integral Part of a Student's College Experience

In today's job market, every college student needs to be graduating with some sort of job experience. Internships serve as an opportunity for students to gain confidence, develop a myriad of skills, grow networks, learn desired work habits, build a resume, and gain a valuable understanding of how to apply learned concepts from the classroom to a work environment. Many ULM degree programs grant internship credit on the curriculum plan, so some internships assist in awarding college credit. An increasingly vast majority of employers are searching for graduates with these experiences. Completing one or more internships during the college curriculum could potentially boost a college graduate as a top candidate for a job, earn them a higher starting salary, or even a job offer after completion of the internship. 

Student internships are a major economic impact and during the 2014-2015 fiscal year ULM filled 2,277 student internships valued at over $13.6M, with 97 percent of those internships coming from 678 Louisiana businesses and organizations.


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