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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

[Degree Requirements]

Undergraduates will earn a degree in Communication with a concentration in one the following areas:  Communication Advocacy, Digital Media, Journalism, or Public Relations.

People often wonder, "what can I do with a degree in Communication?" and the answer is: your options are limitless.

The Communication discipline touches every aspect of our lived experience. In fact, that's why some people don't understand what the study of communication entails. We learn to talk as toddlers, elementary and high school teaches us to construct sentences, and public speaking is just a matter of talking in front of people, right?


Well, here at ULM we’ve taken a pragmatic approach to help students understand what the study of communication entails, as well as how what they study relates to what they will do when they leave our campus.

Are you interested in social justice and working to make the world a better place? If so, you may choose our Communication Advocacy concentration. Do you love motion graphics and shooting and editing movies? Then our Digital Media Concentration might be right for you. Is getting to the bottom of a story, and then writing and producing it for the public more up your alley? Our Journalism concentration may be calling your name. Or, maybe you would like to help a company cultivate ethical relationships and serve as its public face. Public Relations could be just the right thing for you.

No matter which concentration you choose you will acquire the knowledge and skills to be competitive in the market, and maintain positive, productive relationships professionally, personally, and globally.



Communication Advocacy

Integrated Media

Public Relations


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