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Communication Advocacy

This concentration provides  students with the capacity to adopt, develop and implement diverse sets of communication strategies to articulate what and how changes can be made in numerous contexts. This concentration provides the tools for competent writing, speaking, leadership, and critical thinking skills to improve society. For complete information see the ULM Course Catalog.


Communication Advocacy Coursework

COMM 2044 : Organizational Communication OR COMM 2060: Small Group Comm.
COMM 3010: Communication and Conflict
COMM 3030: Persuasion
COMM 3042: Communication & Gender
COMM 4004: Intercultural Communication

15 credit hours total

NOTE: This information is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. Always verify all curriculum information with your faculty advisor or the dean's office. For complete curricular information, see the ULM Course Catalog.


Possible jobs

Legal, Political, or Health Advocate, Crisis Intervention, Conflict Resolution, Campaign Developer/Worker (Social Justice, Environmental, Corporate). Non-profit or for-profit organizations.