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Mass Communication Requirements

NOTE: This information is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. Always verify all curriculum information with your faculty advisor or the dean's office. For complete curricular information, see the ULM Course Catalog.


Course # Course Title Hours
FRYS 1001 Freshman Year Seminar 1
Core English Composition
ENGL 1001* Composition 3
ENGL 1002*, or
ENGL 1003*
Composition and Introduction to Literature
Persuasive Writing
Core Humanities 9
ENGL 2003, or
ENGL 2004, or
ENGL 2005, or
ENGL 2006, or
HIST 1011, or
HIST 1012, or
HIST 2001, or
HIST 2002
World Literature
World Literature
American Literature
American Literature
World Civilization
World Civilization II
United States History
United States History
Six hours must be taken as a sequence of two courses in either Literature or History. The remaining three hours must be taken in the other discipline’s alternative field (i.e., at least one course must be in each the U.S. or the World areas).
Core Mathematics
MATH 1010*, or
MATH 1011*
College Algebra with Review
College Algebra
MATH 1012, or
MATH 1016, or
MATH 1018
Elementary Statistics
The Nature of Mathematics
Core Natural/Physical Sciences 9
Six hours must be from an approved sequence of two courses in either biological or physical science (see catalog). The remaining three hours must be from the other area.
Core Social Sciences 6
Group I:
ECON 1003
GEOG 1001
GEOG 1002
POLS 1001
SOCL 1001
SOCL 1002
Contemporary Economic Issues
Regional Geography
Regional Geography
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction: An International Perspective
Group II:
ANTG 2007
ECON 2001
POLS 2001
PSYC 2001
Cultural Anthropology
Macroeconomic Principles
American National Government
Introduction to Psychology
Three hours must be selected from each Group, but the two selections must represent different disciplines.
Core Fine Arts 3
ART 1009, or
ART 2001, or
ART 2002, or
DANC 3001, or
MUSC 1001, or
MUSC 1091, or
THEA 1091
Art Appreciation
Art Survey
Art Survey
Theory and Application of Dance
Fundamentals of Music Theory
Music Enjoyment
Enjoying Theatre
Foreign Language 6
The foreign language requirement must be fulfilled in one language.
Arts and Sciences Electives 9
To be completed in any program in the College of Arts and Sciences, but cannot be in Mass Communications.
General Electives or Optional Minor 15
Must be completed outside of Mass Communications.
Core University Capstone
COMM 4000 Communication Capstone 3

* A grade of "C" or better is required in courses marked with an asterisk.

Mass Communications Major Requirements

Course # Course Title Hours
MCOM 2001 Mass Communications and Society 3
MCOM 2010 Writing for Media 3
MCOM 3011, or
MCOM 3012, or
MCOM 4011, or
MCOM 4012
Feature Writing
Broadcast Copywriting
Opinion Writing
MCOM 3030, or
MCOM 3041, or
MCOM 3060
Journalism I
Broadcast Programming
Public Relations Principles and Case Studies
MCOM 3050, or
MCOM 3051, or
MCOM 3052, or
MCOM 3054, or
MCOM 3055, or
MCOM 4033
Audio Production
Video Production
Electronic Media Design
Interactive Media Publishing
Electronic News Gathering
MCOM 3061, or
MCOM 4035, or
MCOM 4082
Public Relations Writing and Planning
Journalism Management
Broadcast Regulation
MCOM 3070 Mass Communication Theory and Research 3
MCOM 3090 Practicum 1
MCOM 4081 Mass Communications Law 3
MCOM 4090 Internship 2
MCOM Electives (A minimum of six hours must be completed at the 400 level.) 12
The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in each MCOM course required in the major. A grade of “D” is nonprogressive; the course must be repeated with a minimum grade of “C” before a student can progress to the next sequential course.


Cognate Requirements

9 Credit Hours: A maximum of six hours of cognate requirement are to be chosen from one of the following groups; the remaining three hours of the cognate requirement are to be chosen from the alternative group.

Group I:
CMST 1001
CMST 1002
CMST 1010H
CMST 1018
CMST 2001
CMST 2060
Voice and Diction
Honors Communication Studies
Interpersonal Communication
Public Speaking
Small Group Communication
Group II:
CMST 3004
CMST 3010
CMST 3011
CMST 3030
CMST 3041
CMST 3044
CMST 4050
PHIL 2003
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Conflict
Argumentation and Debate
Communication and Gender
Organizational Communication
Communication Theory
A student majoring in Mass Communications, with the proper selection of his or her cognate requirements, may earn an optional Minor in Communication Studies by completing only nine credit hours of appropriate CMST coursework in addition to the cognate requirement.