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Public Relations 

This concentration prepares students for management focused on cultivating two-way relationships and communication between an organization and its various publics.  In addition, students will be exposed to theories and concepts that underlie PR practice, the ethics of PR practice, and skills in writing, research methods, problem-solving, and communicating visually and verbally through a wide variety of media for diverse PR purposes. For complete information see the ULM Course Catalog.


Public Relations Coursework

COMM 2061: PR Principles and Case Studies
COMM 3061: PR Writing and Planning
COMM 3070: Methods of Investigation
COMM 3042: Communication & Gender OR COMM 4004: Intercultural Communication
COMM 4060: PR Campaigns

15 Credit Hours 


NOTE: This information is provided as a reference only and is subject to change. Always verify all curriculum information with your faculty advisor or the dean's office. For complete curricular information, see the ULM Course Catalog.


Possible Jobs

PR Specialist, Communications Officer, Marketing and Communication, Media Relations