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Self-Development, Counseling, & Special Accommodations Center

Emergency Services

*** IMPORTANT: If you or someone you know has attempted suicide and is in need immediate medical attention, or a suicide attempt is imminent, please call 911 for immediate medical assistance.

Walk-In Urgent Crisis Services:

During normal business hours, counselors are available to assist students in crisis. If possible, please call ahead (318-342-5220) and let us know that you’re coming. Please tell the receptionist that you are in crisis and need to see someone as soon as possible.

After-Hours Urgent Crisis Services:

Counselors are available for after-hours and weekend emergency services. Personnel within the University Police Department (318-342-5350) will contact counselors in an emergency situation. If you are in need of crisis intervention services, please notify the University Police Department. A counselor will respond immediately to students in crisis with an appointment or telephone call.

Examples of urgent crises:

Sexual Assault:

The Self-Development, Counseling, and Special Accommodations Center provides counseling and support services for survivors of sexual assault. Members of the counseling staff (Karen Foster, Kimberly Storm, and Brittina Johnson) are designated by the University as confidential advisors and are available to serve in this capacity upon request.

If you are sexually assaulted:


Emergency/Crisis Numbers: