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Student Affairs is excited about the diverse programs, services, and leadership opportunities we afford all students at ULM. With over 130 student organizations on campus, we are committed to actively engaging students in and outside the classroom.

Student Affairs vigorously supports recruitment of new students and aids their success through retention initiatives designed to enhance and provide support by nurturing their living and learning experience through high quality engagement programs.

With students as our primary focus, staff members in Student Affairs are committed and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to provide a welcoming, caring, and safe campus environment for all students as they matriculate to graduation.

Please take a moment and explore this Web site for additional information on services and programs provided by Student Affairs. We're here to serve you!

Student Affairs Mission

The Division of Student Affairs leads the "students first" initiative by collaborating with students, faculty and staff to create an institutional climate that is safe, welcoming, and supportive.

This initiative seeks to challenge and maximize opportunities for student engagement, learning, leadership, and success through high quality programs and services that foster the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, cultural, multicultural, and personal growth of all students.



Student Complaint Reporting
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Student Complaint Policy
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Student Handbook
Guide to procedures, policies, general university information, services, conduct, and much more.

Student Hazing Reporting Form

Student Voter Info
General voting information, related links, and how to register on campus to vote.